Top performing estate agents enjoy all-expenses paid trip to Dubai

Well-known industry figure Sean Newman, who runs a self-employed business model for estate agents and mortgage advisors, recently took his top performers on an all-expenses paid trip to Dubai in recognition of their hard work and achievements for their clients.

The video shows a jam-packed trip with activities including jet skis, yacht trip around The Palm, beach clubs, plus more.

“They all work incredibly hard,” said Newman. “Everyone loved the trip and enjoyed being out of work with like-minded successful colleagues. You can hear their comments at the end of the video. We are all looking forward to next year’s trip which will be bigger and even better.”




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  1. Simon Bradbury

    An inspiring video from an inspiring leader and inspiring team!

    Well done everyone!

    1. Sean Newman

      Thanks, Simon for your positive comments as always.  Just waiting for the Negative Nancys


    High wired bunch of  Estate agents travel to strict  Muslim country -what could possibly go wrong!

    1. jan-byers

      I cannot think of many places I would want to go to any less

      1. MrGilbert

        @jan- ‘Did I mention I’m a property developer’ byers. Why do you have to be so negative or in fact comment at all when this business owner (no, I don’t know him) has done something really fantastic for his top performers. It’s irrelevant to anyone but those involved where they went. The fact is that they clearly had an amazing experience, bonded with colleagues and work for a Company where they feel valued. Please don’t burst the staff’s bubble as they will want to strive to do well in order to go away again next year.

  3. Agent369

    Genuinely, how did you get this past the tax man. My accountant gets all excited about me taking the team to the races or bowling.


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