Top 10 most prominent estate agency brands across Britain revealed

Savills ranks as the most prominent estate agency brand, with a presence in over half of all postcodes across the nation, fresh analysis shows.

Estate agency comparison site,, which carried out the research, looked at the total number of properties listed by each agency brand in unique postcodes over the last six months and what this equated to in terms of postcode coverage across Britain.

The data reveals that Savills is the nation’s most prominent estate agency brand, having listed homes across no less than 51% of the nation’s postcodes over a six month period.

Fine and Country ranks second, having listed a home across 43% of postcodes during the same period.

Martin & Co complete the top three, with properties listed for sale across 35% of the nation, while Hunters (34%) and Pattinson (32%) also make the top five.

In the last six months, haart has listed homes across 27% of postcodes with Knight Frank (25%) and Connells (25%) having presence across a quarter of the nation.

Belvoir (22%) and Strutt and Parker (22%) complete the top 10.

The COO of, Mal McCallion, said: “The digital disruption of the property sector has brought many positives and the ability for an agent to expand their area of operations in the search for new business is certainly one of those.

“Where they may have been traditionally confined to one or two postcodes, they now have the ability to move beyond these boundaries and cast their net that little bit further, thanks to the ability to advertise online.

“Of course, we’re not talking about the DIY approach of national online agents who cover the entirety of the UK while holding very little local market knowledge on any of it.

“We’re talking about established bricks and mortar names, who have years of experience under their belts and have grown their brands by demonstrating this expertise year in, year out.” – Most prominent estate agency brands: 
Data sourced from looking at the number of listings in unqiue outcodes over the last six months.
Table shows the 10 most prominent bricks and mortar estate agency brands across Great Britain
Name Number of unique outcodes with a listing in the last six months Coverage of all postcodes nationally
Savills 1,357 51%
Fine & Country 1,159 43%
Martin & Co 928 35%
Hunters 910 34%
Pattinson 850 32%
haart 712 27%
Knight Frank 670 25%
Connells 667 25%
Belvoir 589 22%
Strutt & Parker 587 22%



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  1. frostieclaret87

    What pointless information this is!

  2. Whaley

    Oh I don’t know I find this sort of thing fascinating, admittedly I’m a bit of a trainspotter for market share and brand stuff but ultimately it’s got to resonate at some level with the public and until now this sort of things been nigh on impossible to find out about.

  3. TonyT

    Can anyone tell me what an Outcode is?

    1. Ric

      To be fair, “outcodes” are mega important for my area….

      Its the latter part of post codes, which can determine which village you are in when some areas share the same first part of a post code.

      1. Robert_May


        An outcode is the first part or a full postcode (TR12, TR13) – far too broad a brush to classify anything in agency. It’s necessary differentiate between who is best in Bramhall (Snapes) and who’s best in Hazel Grove (Edward Mellor). That’s what the selling public want to know its what agents need to show

        There are over 3200 individual  #local selling areas where #local knowledge experience and reputation count for everything.


        This broad-brush approach might work for the feeder fish services that swim along side agents, it very much works against  the good 3 agents in east individual ‘Nest’ who find instructions they are generating are being hawked out to their weaker competitors.


  4. Client1st

    This is the sort of rubbish that allows marketing departments to run riot with the facts. Total tripe

  5. Ric

    Dont GetAMeStarted on this lot…

  6. Simon Bradbury

    Well I think this is a fascinating study and as a proud Fine & Country licence holder, I am delighted to see such a relatively young brand so high up in the top 10.

    There is little doubt that brand recognition, alongside great and well trained staff, backed up of course with excellent technology is a potent combination.

    Well done to ALL of the brands featured in the top 10!

    1. Robert_May

      This is a  sub-basic number counting exercise that’s biased towards particular types of agencies and agency groups-

      It schmoozes some at the expense of others.

  7. Simonr6608

    Was this research based on whole of market or just the agents that paid to part of the club? Detail is everything

  8. WITMM

    I’m not convinced that there is a meaningful relationship between Outcodes and properties listed.

    Savills have  130 UK offices.  The UK is divided up into 124 postcode areas, split into 2,979 districts, 11,232 sectors and around 1.8 million individual postcodes.

    I think it’s more likely that 130 offices geographically cover a disproportionate amount of postcode districts skewing the actual brand prominence.  It’s the subtle difference between the concentration of properties for sale and the coverage of the branch.

    My gut feeling is that it was a thin day in the office and someone had a spare data set to play with…


    Surprised Connells are so low-they used to be the number 1 recognised agent not so long ago.

    1. WITMM

      Connells do have more listings nationally than Savills.  As of about 10 minutes ago, it was 4,482 for Savills and 5,733 for Connells.  I guess it depends on how you define brand awareness and proportion value to it.  I still think ranking agents by postcode sector is a pointless exercise.  It would be good if could explain the relevance.

  10. Surrendermonkey

    Tim, given your ongoing obsession with Connells, you’ll know full-well that the Connells Group are indeed the number 1 agent in the UK with over 10% market share which is about 5 x higher than the next biggest high-street agent (which btw isn’t Haart!)

    If you have a proper read of the article then you’ll realise that it’s nothing to do with being the No1 agent by overall market share.

  11. NHGURU

    Know your enemy more like Just good practise -nothing to get excited about
    Well done on the numbers but I’d imagine  across that many branches it ain’t that spectacular -not the best of timings I Surrender I have to observe

    Best of luck for 2023 -interesting to see how it all plays out




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