Tinder-like property portal app continues to offer agents free listings for 12 months

MoveStreets is desperately trying to increase property listings on its app by reminding all agents that they can join the platform free of charge for the first 12 months.

The property app, which launched in August, aims to replicate Tinder, the dating platform, by allowing users to swipe right to like a property and swipe left if it is not for them, but it is keen to try attract more agents.

Consequently, the Manchester-based Kamani Property Group, the firm behind the property development platform, is having another go at reaching out to agents by reminding them that it is free to list properties for the first year.

Set up by Adam Kamani and co-founder Charlotte Kamani, MoveStreets’ primary business is to provide a new way to find a new home, with potential matches served up based on the user’s location.

Swiping left rejects unliked properties while swiping right contacts the listing agent to arrange a viewing.

Adam Kamani, Founder and CEO of MoveStreets, said: “At a time when many estate agencies struggled to navigate the growing influence of social media on the property market, our deep understanding of data, marketing and consumer needs has been instrumental in providing a new property portal to support both the customer and the agency.”

He added: “Homebuyers can now look for a new home the same way they look for new partners: by swiping!”


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One Comment

  1. pieinthesky

    Classic “proptech”. Solving a problem that doesn’t exist, badly, using ideas, that they haven’t understood, borrowed from other industries, and have implemented badly

    no wonder it’s free to list

    anyone seen the rummage4 offering and thought, yes, that’s how to do it, why didn’t we think of that?


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