The Top Ten areas for transactions in 2021

Analysis by Keller Williams UK, has revealed the 10 property market postcodes where the most transactions have taken place in the year so far.

Keller Williams UK analysed transactions at postcode level since the start of the year to find where the hottest pockets of the property market in England and Wales are located.

Across England and Wales, the agency says that 197,041 transactions have successfully been completed since the start of 2021, and Croydon’s CR0 postcode has seen the highest number of all postcodes. So far this year, 425 sales have taken place, with the BN3 postcode in Brighton and Hove close behind with 395 sales.

E17 in Waltham Forest and Brighton’s BN1 postcode also account for the next busiest areas of the market with 371 and 346 transactions respectively.

The BS16 postcode straddling Bristol and South Gloucestershire is the next hottest property postcode with 345 homes sold with the BN23 postcode in Christchurch on the south coast also performing strongly (337).

Leicestershire’s LE12 (310) and LE3 (295) postcodes also make the list of 2021’s busiest property markets, with the NG5 postcode in Nottingham completing the top 10 with 290 homes sold so far this year.


CEO of Keller Williams UK, Ben Taylor, commented:

“We’ve heard a lot in recent months about how the stamp duty holiday has led to a huge uplift in property sales and while this is generally true, some areas will have seen a far greater number of homes sold than others.

“Nowhere more so than these property postcode hotspots and it’s impressive to see such a vast regional spread with the list comprising of areas in London, the South West and the Midlands.

“That’s not to say that other regions aren’t putting in a strong performance and there’s no denying the impact of the stamp duty holiday has been felt pretty much across the board.”


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  1. whatdoiknow58

    Assume this piece on postcode hotspots may be of interest to somebody but without more detail on the reasons why it is about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike. I actually live in the NG12 postcode catchmentand the seemingly headline level in transactions has been fuelled in the main  by a significant level of ongoing new home developments within the area with more shortly to be coming on stream. Sure the area is popular but start releasing more land for development in pretty much any area you like and there will be a spike in postcode transactions. Forgive another cliche but it ain’t rocket science guys.

    1. Mike Bidwell

      I constructively commented on the pointlessness of this article – made by a company that doesn’t even have any market knowledge of some of the areas it was commenting on and it was deleted by admin. Why are PIE allowing ‘ownership’ or ‘kudos’ to a company that is rehashing third party data and not really even saying anything that’s of value?  Compare this of course with Savills excellent work as published today – actually there is no comparison (I have no connection to either company by the way)


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