The Top 35 Most Influential People in Property – exclusive series of videos starts today

Simon Bradbury is Managing Director of Thomas Morris Sales & Lettings (part of LSLi) and a very well known personality in the world of agency. He’s a familiar figure at fund raising and industry events, and at conferences – and he knows just about everyone in the business who’s worth knowing.

In this new series of videos, exclusive to Property Industry Eye, Simon talks with Jonny Palmer, creator of  The After Hours Property Podcast, about his  ‘Top 35 Most Influential People in Property’.

Simon gives his unique views about the figures who lead the industry and his candid thoughts about what makes the people so influential. You will most likely have heard of all of them and you’ll love ’em or loathe ’em. The are some controversial characters mixed in with the admirable, the respected, the curious, and  the successul. We are not revealing the list in advance. To find out who is on it you will need to follow the series.

We shall be bringing you an episode  each day over the next couple of weeks starting this morning with covering two individuals and then three a day after that. Each video runs for about 10 minutes and of course you will be able to give your own opinions within the comments section. Do keep it civil please – we will remove any abusive posts.


Jonny explained: “After setting up onthemove it became evident to me that there is a disconnect within the property industry. Those involved in a property transaction can feel disconnected and against each other when the customer should be the main focus, whether it’s high street versus online or agent versus solicitor it seems there is always a finger being pointed elsewhere! It’s always been a passion of mine to get to know people and the journeys they’ve been on, and so The After Hours Property Podcast was born.

The podcast was created as a platform to get behind the scenes with some of the incredible individuals making a real difference in the property industry and when Simon suggested the idea of this mini series I jumped at the chance!’’


Simon said: “It’s been great fun to come up with this list and I would like to emphasise that it is totally subjective. I am certain that if you asked 100 other people – there would be 100 different lists!

“In order to avoid accusations of bias, I have purposefully tried exclude anyone that I currently work for, has worked directly for me or with me, and anyone with whom I have had a direct business interest.

“I am certain that agents and suppliers will have their own views on the contents of this list and that plenty of people will disagree with my conclusions and opinions – but that’s what makes our business such a fascinating one. It’s all about opinions!”


So get comfortable and enjoy Simon’s observations in this first episode of  The Top 35 Most Influential People in Property.

No 35 – Sanjay Gandhi

No 34 – Yvonne Martin



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  1. Steve_Smithson

    What an interesting idea. For it to be more enjoyable, the audio quality needs to be improved … a lot.

    1. jonnypalmer_onthemove

      Hi Steve, thank you for the comment  – it was enjoyable recording too! The audio was the best we could do in the circumstances but noted for the future. Enjoy the rest of the series!

  2. LettingAngel

    Lovely to hear your words about the amazing kind and generous lady Yvonne Martin who spearheads our industry charity Agents Giving.  Such an amazing charity who work so hard to raise awareness of food-banks and assist agents everywhere with their fundraising for thousands of different UK charities.  Genuinely a wonderful  team of generous, friendly and enthusiastic people!

  3. samw49

    Enjoyed this. Looking forward to the next in the series

  4. Whaley

    Yvonne is amazing !


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