The MP whose mum told her she’d be more popular if she became an estate agent

Outspoken Labour MP Stella Creasy – often touted to be a future housing minister – has not always made herself popular with estate agents.

For example, she has run ‘awards’ to agents in her Walthamstow constituency, getting the public to vote on the best and – allegedly – worst.

She has consistently voted in favour of the tenancy fees ban, and she is very anti what she calls the ‘rip-off practices’ of agents.

So, EYE felt a certain amount of surprise to read a diary piece in yesterday’s Times which said that Stella should have listened to her mum.

According to The Times: “The much-abused Labour MP tells the Political Thinking podcast that when she declared that she wanted to enter parliament, her mother replied: ‘Why don’t you consider a career that might be a tad more popular? Like an estate agent.’”

Then EYE had a sense of déjà vu.

Back in July 2015, Stella and her mum did a Relative Values piece in the Sunday Times.

And here’s mum Corinna explaining: “I can’t say I encouraged Stella to go into politics. Quite the opposite.

“I told her to consider a career that might be a tad more popular, like an estate agent.”

General Election alert: Be prepared for more re-heats of this joke.


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  1. Property Pundit

    Her mum was right.

  2. GeorgeHammond78

    God forbid she ever makes it into Government let alone Housing Minister but if she does maybe she should appoint her Mum as her adviser?

  3. AgencyInsider

    Her mum could also have told her that she would be more popular if she wasn’t such a typically zealous, misguided socialist.

  4. rsvstu97

    Well hopefully most of the swamp will be drained at the next GE.



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