The government is “absolutely determined” to keep the housing market open

The government remains committed to keeping the housing market open despite repeated warnings from scientific advisers that the existing current lockdown does not go far enough and that the prime minister should tighten restrictions further within days.

The latest government guidance has put agents, as well as buyers, sellers, renters and landlords, on notice that the government could end up closing the market.

It states: “It may become necessary to pause all home moves locally or nationally for a short period of time to manage the spread of coronavirus.”

But government figures said that ministers were “absolutely determined” to keep open the property market during the current lockdown.

“The housing market is staying open,” said one aide. “All involved need to follow the guidance for moving home safely which has been issued by the government.”

The chancellor Rishi Sunak is said to be among those reluctant to agree to closing the housing market in light of the threat to the economy and the huge cost of furlough.

A close ally of Mr Sunak said he is determined to keep the housing market operational during the pandemic.

But a spokesperson for the prime minister Boris Johnson declined to rule out new restrictions for the housing market, construction or manufacturing.

“If we believe there is a need to take further action we will,” the spokesperson said.

Matt Hancock, the health secretary, told Conservative members this week that he did not want to shut down the housing market but could not rule it out.

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  1. smile please

    My man crush on Rishi grows more with every passing day.

    Some of the story’s this morning looks like turkeys voting for Christmas.

  2. mattfaizey

    If the opinions of only shareholders, directors and owner operators were sought then market stays open.

    Seeking the opinions of those that think they’ll be on furlough likely yields the opposite.

    Remove furlough and all tthosse voters under @65 will suddenly decide it’s not so bad afterall.

    1. Anonymous Agent

      I totally agree!

    2. surrey1

      Slightly ridiculous. The majority I suspect live pay cheque to pay cheque. Asking them “would you rather go hungry and not pay the rent for a month or continue to put yourself and your household in unnecessary risk?” is a bit Hobson’s choice.

      1. TB

        You may call it Hobson’s choice, I would call it reality.  We are getting so used to a magical government money tree and a state that tries to offer us protection in all circumstances that we’ve completely lost the understanding that we live in a tough, not fair world where tough decisions sometimes need to be made.  I guess no one ever told you when you were growing up that sometimes life’s not fair.

        1. Johnhp01

          Tough decisions?? Potentially life or death decisions?? Being ex forces, this is the rubbish that makes me think, your selling a house, not saving someone’s life. Just let that think it, savings someone’s life, or forcing them to work?? This could be a relative your putting at risk.. could you live with that then??


          Everyone knows we are going to have to pay it back in some way, but if its there to support and save lives, I’ll choose life. Your clearly immune, crack on then!!

          1. TB

            Beautifully written with impressive use of punctuation and grammar.  I take it you weren’t an officer?

            1. Johnhp01

              Haha.. Brilliant. Typical keyboard warrior.

              1. TB

                Well it’s always fun to have some sport.

          2. jan - byers

            Grow up

            1. TB

              Excellent – another bite.

    3. Jemineve

      I think instead of closing the market down, it would be far better to make wearing masks mandatory inside and out as they do in Spain, Italy, Malaysia etc. We have sold our house recently and moving soon. I felt safer selling our house than going food shopping. I feel that some Estate Agents are just after free money from the Goverment!!

      Also it would not be fair on anyone at the moment who are in desperate need of having the Stamp Duty holiday.

      We are having our furniture put in storage which is a much safer option anyway, as we are fed up with this country and retiring abroad.




      Wrong im.owner of business i believe its risky wrong against the rules to open. One min goverment is saying u cannot meet ur family the other hand go meet random peaple do viewings lol. Also govt telling peaple dont go out but yes go look for property though if u want take ur family too for viewing . Does it make sense . I dont think so
      Further more businesses are so quite

  3. JonnyBanana43

    Let’s hope Rishi doesn’t read property industry eye..!!

    1. Doesnt comment much

      Starting to wonder why any of us do to be honest………….

      1. JonnyBanana43


  4. PMT

    I know of at least 2 families where only one of them caught the virus.

    If everyone kept safe – mask – distance – santise/wash hands often, I believe we could go back to normal, but hey ho, there are too many idiots in society.

  5. majortom1

    The market should remain open-100%. Branches should be closed unless they are of a size that there is no risk and 1 or two people  in at a time. if an employer is not able to manage remote working this day an age they are seriously behind what will become the norm or at least half and half. Time to update for the future , spend a few quid on some laptops and ask if you really need all those premises /overheads !

    1. Kyle

      Everyone’s the expert now days. Lord have mercy

  6. Orson67

    Follow the money, the magic money tree is nearly dead, they need the SDLT, income tax, NI, not more people on furlough.


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