Thanks a million! Agents break the magic barrier for your favourite charities

No further proof is needed that agents really are spectacularly generous when it comes to raising money for your favourite causes.

At the Agents Giving Ball on Friday evening – the best to date, by the way – Agents Giving chairman Peter Knight announced that to date, £80,000 of grants have been made by Agents Giving from the Rightmove fund and that the estate agency recipients have raised £1,004,230 for literally hundreds of different charities, large and small – and this figure is rising almost daily.

The Rightmove fund, launched two years ago, supports agents as they set up their fund-raising causes.

What a fantastic news story to be able to report.

The ball was also a great success – and huge congratulations to Maxine Lester who won the Agents Strictly Come Dancing competition.

Thanks also to those who bid to have lunch with Simon Whale, with the auction conducted by Jamie Cooke of iamsold. Winners were Simon Woodcock and Mark Manning with Eurolink winning the third place at what will undoubtedly be a party. The venue is to be Dans Le Noir, where diners eat in the dark. We feel this should be the cue for some jokes, but leave it to our readers.

The Whale also participated in the Strictly Come Dancing contest. If you want to see estate agency’s answer to Ed Balls, brace yourselves. To be honest, it’s enough to trigger Clause 50.


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  1. Whaley

    Thanks Ros, no longer will my straight man persona survive after this revelation.

    Special mention to Eurolink though who had one of the winning bids. I’m expecting a ‘Who killed Whaley in the dark restaurant’ Cluedo moment but great to see our competitors doing so much for the charity.




  2. AndrewOverman

    Whaley will love the Article 50 Brexit reference, I’m sure!

  3. Peter Knight

    Thank you for covering this huge milestone for Agents Giving – thanks to Rightmove, the fund has donated £80,000 enabling many estate agents and others connected to the industry to raise over £1million in two years. Our next goal is to help raise £1million a year. If you’re looking to fundraise for a charity see if you qualify for a grant here

    There are too many people to thank individually but it’s significant how the same estate agents and suppliers/partners get involved over and over again – it would be brilliant to have even more support for the industry charity.


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