OnTheMarket reports record traffic of over 10m visits

OnTheMarket achieved a record level of traffic of more than 10m visits in September – a rise of 79% year on year.

Last September it recorded 5.6m visits.

Throughout last month, the portal also delivered a record number of leads to agents.

Chief executive Ian Springett said: “This latest record achievement for traffic is another sign of just how much progress OnTheMarket has made throughout 2016.

“Since January, we have significantly grown the overall number of offices listing on the website ranging from many high-profile, multi-branch firms to a large number of smaller independent agents.

“Consumers are also becoming increasingly aware of the new-to-market properties which many of our agents are choosing to display at OnTheMarket.com 24 hours or more ahead of any other portal.”

He said the portal “has proved that it is thriving and continues to grow”.

OnTheMarket measures its traffic using Google Analytics.

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  1. fluter

    Where’s Wally? Sorry I meant Danny

    1. danny

      just the record number of leads that have been sent , yep 32, that’s more than the 31 sent last month , verified press release ….

  2. AgencyInsider

    Fair question fluter.

    And what about all the other naysayers with an anti-OTM axe to grind. Most unusual for them not to be all over a success story like this one.

    Perhaps their paymasters have told them not to give an OTM good-news story like this any oxygen by spewing their bile on it?

  3. sellingup

    It’s worth pointing out that web traffic numbers in isolation can be very misleading. The impression here is that there were 10 million visits in September from potential UK property buyers but unless you know something about the source of that web traffic you can’t assume.

    For example I could easily buy cheap display ads on a network of random websites around the world and quickly acquire vast amounts of clicks, but that traffic might be next to useless to me in terms of conversions.

    I’m NOT at all suggesting OTM did anything like that, but I am making the point that unless you know a bit more about the nature of the traffic, while a big headline figure looks good it doesn’t necessarily mean there is value in the visitors.

    That is why the real key statistic of interest is the actual number of leads generated for agents because that does represent value and cannot be inflated.



    1. Eddie19

      A fair point – but one that could equally be aimed at Rightmove and Zoopla, which both have high traffic numbers but how many are time-wasters and brochure flickers?  It is impossible to take an objective view of those numbers but it is interesting to see how year-on-year growth is progressing.

      1. sellingup

        Agreed, the figures from RM and Z are not that meaningful either unless they are qualified with details. It’s just a form of bragging and can be easily inflated.

        What does it matter to agents if they have 1m or 100m visits a month? What matters is their ability to generate leads for agents and that type of metric is what they should be focusing on and promoting unless the objective is to puff up the brand image.


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