Tenants open to rent rises if landlord relationship is positive

More than a third of all tenants would both renew their contract and accept a rent increase as long as they had a positive relationship with their landlord, according to Uswitch research.

However, according to the same survey, 50% of tenants would renew as a result of a positive landlord relationship but wouldn’t also accept a rent increase. Only one in 10 tenants said they would neither renew their contract nor accept an increase in rent.

The research found that the 18-24 age group had the lowest percentage of tenants willing to base both of their rental decisions on their landlord-tenant relationship, at just over a quarter (26%). 

However, this age group gave the second highest vote to the option renewing without an increase (53%), only narrowly behind their peers aged 25-34 who gave 54% of their vote to this option.


At the other end of the scale, tenants aged 55+ were the most likely to consider a contract extension and rent increase based on a positive relationship with their landlord. Over four in 10 (44%) voted for this option, 16% more than the 18-24 age group.

Tenants aged 55 and over were the least likely to renew their contract without accepting a rent increase based on a positive relationship with their landlord, with 44% voting for this option, while all other age groups had votes in excess of 50%. Tenants in the 25-34 age range had the highest vote in this area, with 54%.

Communication was determined to be the most important contributor to a good landlord-tenant relationship, cited by seven in 10 (71%) tenants and half (51%) of landlords. 

Almost nine in 10 (89%) tenants said that they trust their landlord to try their best to solve any issues related to the property.

Furthermore, over half of all tenants surveyed (56%) reported that they had not had any disputes with their landlords.


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