Supplier of ‘reservation agreements’ grows its conveyancing panel as it strikes deal with Bold Group

A firm which aims to bind buyers and sellers into deals is to expand its conveyancing panel as it grows its services to estate agents.

Gazeal has done a deal with the Bold Legal Group, an association of 700 independent property lawyers around the country.

Bold CEO Rob Hailstone will invite his members to join the panel.

He said: “Gazeal are a very exciting business that I have been watching develop for some time now.

“The Gazeal product is highly innovative, and brings transparency, speed and certainty to the conveyancing process while not being disruptive for conveyancers.

“As someone whose job it is to deal with the concerns of legal professionals within the residential property sector, and who sits on various panels that have been formed in response to the Government’s call for evidence into the Home Buying and Selling Process, I am convinced that Gazeal will deal with many of the problems contained within conveyancing.

“I look forward to working with Gazeal in order to give conveyancers the opportunity of also working with them.”

Duncan Samuel, managing director of Gazeal, said: ‘’Bold Legal Group are a hugely respected professional body, and its members undertake over a third of all conveyancing transactions completed annually.

“In my opinion, no commentator on the legal residential market is more respected than Rob Hailstone, so it is a great honour and a huge boost for Gazeal that Rob has agreed to help introduce Gazeal to the legal profession.

“Now is the time for Gazeal to grow its conveyancing panel in line with our expanding network of estate agents and we look forward to working with many of Bold Legal Group’s member firms.’’

Gazeal provides a service that gives buyers upfront information on a property before they put in an offer, and can legally bind both buyer and seller with a reservation agreement when the offer is accepted.

The Government has made clear in its call for evidence into home buying and selling that it supports the principle of reservation agreements.

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  1. Fairfax87

    This product is a complicated Conditional Contract and is a complete turkey – I cannot think why Rob H wants to associate his group with it.

    Surely, all efforts should be concentrated on agreeing an industry wide Reservation Agreement, and not supporting a product that just introduces another snout in the trough?

    1. Steve Dawkins Gazeal

      Hi, Fairfax87! The Gazeal product is a process that mirrors the current process and which the parties commit to following. It provides transparency speed and certainty for buyer, seller and professionals. Behind any easy to use product there is an element of complexity. If you would care for a demonstration of the product in action please do get in touch.

  2. Rob Hailstone

    As you well know Fairfax87, I don’t make decisions for my member firms. Complicated or not Gazeal, is an interesting concept and I will allow my members to carry out their own investigations into it if they want to. Personally I think it is worth a look.

    As for snouts in the trough, Gazeal is a business that has been around for a while. What is wrong with trying to introduce a new concept into the market place that will live or die on its own merits?

    I will also be introducing the BLG members to any industry wide Reservation Agreement as and when.


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