Study finds low levels of rental stock offering bills included

Over half (55%) of tenants prefer utility bills included in their rent to save them stress but just 12% of available stock on the market across England offers this, according to research.

Zero Deposit surveyed over 2,400 tenants, and over two-fifths (44%) said they would be more likely to rent a property if bills were included versus a property where they weren’t.

However, the firm’s analysis of current rental market stock listed on Zoopla found that just 12% of those across England currently offer the additional benefit of having bills included within the rent. 

The research found that tenants have the slimmest chance in the South East, where bill- inclusive rentals account for just 9% of current stock, with London also home to some of the lowest availability at 10%. 

However, in the East Midlands, as many as 22% of all current available rental properties come with the cost of bills included within the rent. The West Midlands (17%) and North West (16%) also rank high in this respect. 

Sam Reynolds, CEO of Zero Deposit, said: “It’s hardly surprising that so many would prefer to have their utility bills included within the cost of renting. Many tenants feel like they’ve lost control of their monthly outgoings; it’s understandable that a large proportion would even opt for such a property over one that doesn’t offer this added convenience.”


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One Comment

  1. Woodentop

    I wouldn’t touch inclusive bills in rents with a barge pole, unless it was shared accommodation. Some major headaches if you do. Just as an example, but there are others;

    1. Who pays the bills when the tenant doesn’t pay the rent!

    2. Tenant has right to chose utility supplier. Will you have to separate utility charges in statements and they say you should be getting it cheaper …. they could.

    3. How do you increase rent to cover utility charge increases if you are under a licence regime of only one rent change per annum?

    4. If ‘Rent Capping’ is introduced …………… a minefield of what is too much and calculate!


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