Landlords urged to stay vigilant over bedbug threat

Landlords have been advised to protect their properties from a bedbug invasion with regular inspections.

Daniel Evans, chair of the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks, said dealing with any infestation early was vitally important.

“The risk with rented properties is that the owner isn’t on the premises very often,” he explained. “It could be a few weeks before a tenant realises that the property has been infested and by then the problem will be far worse.

“No property is safe from pests – but the earlier you can tackle the problem, the better,” he added.

Recent national newspaper reports have suggested that Manchester, Leicester, Bristol and London have the worst bedbug problem in the UK but other cities such as Newcastle, Liverpool, Birmingham and Glasgow also had higher than average infestations.

Although bedbug bites are not considered dangerous, they can be itchy and leave their victim covered in red spots.

“A thorough inspection at check-in can ensure that the property is safe before tenants move in, and regular checks throughout the rental term can ensure the home is free from bedbugs and other pests that infest properties like rats, mice or cockroaches,” said Evans.

“The important thing is that any infestation is caught early before too much damage is done,” he added.


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  1. Woodentop

    Lol .,….. if you think I’m going to look inside some tenants beds ….. think again and its their responsibility. Change the sheets regularly and wash them helps!!!!!! Next we will be told we have to change the mattress every 10 years and another reason not to provide furnished accommodation.


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