Significant number of part-time landlords eyeing exit from market

Over a quarter (26%) of part-time landlords are worried about the future and considering leaving the rented sector, according to a new report from mortgage lender OSB Group.

However, while the study revealed concerns among landlords earning money from letting property in addition to a main income derived from other means, sentiment among professional landlords was found to be much higher, with 92% saying they were confident about the future.

As many as 80% of professional landlords said they either have or plan to increase the size of their portfolio, compared to just 40% of part-time landlords.

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of professional landlords also agreed or acknowledged that the sector was professionalising. A third (34%) cited improving the lives of tenants as the top benefit of this professionalism, while nearly three-quarters (72%) said they have, or will, spend more time thinking about tenant experience.

Earning potential (39%), building their own company (33%) and social causes such as providing housing for those who need it (29%) ranked among the top motivations for professional landlords. The survey also revealed the majority have either already become or plan to become LLCs (76%), hire more staff (73%) and employ external consultants (72%). Over two-thirds (68%) have already, or plan to, invest in environmental upgrades to their portfolio.

Andy Golding, group chief executive for OSB Group, commented: “The professional landlords driving change offer a great learning opportunity for the rest of the industry. Their confidence and tenant-centric approach should be something that is matched by others across the industry. However, we know there are challenges faced at every turn, including by part-time landlords, and these should not be diminished or forgotten.”


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  1. Woodentop

    Yeah but you missed out that 80% or so of the PRS industry are part-time landlords!

  2. LVW4

    The tone of this report is disingenuous towards part-time landlords, who go the extra mile to provide excellent homes for their tenants.

    The difference between so-called ‘professional’ landlords and [us] part-time landlords is ’empathy’. We often put ourselves in debt rather than create problems for our tenants. The professional landlord has no room for such sentiment because their business is at stake.

    Renters and the likes of Shelter and Generation Rent should be careful what they wish for!


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