Rightmove to launch new campaign to support agents and boost listings

Rightmove will launch its latest outdoor campaign on Monday, encouraging people across Great Britain to ‘explore the life that could be’.

The nationwide campaign, with placements featuring the creative in all regions and countries of Great Britain, will appear in over 1,000 roadside and rail locations across a month of activity.

The creative features Rightmove’s message to ‘explore the life that could be’, designed to encourage people to consider the different life they could have if they made the move they have always dreamt about. The aim to is to boost the supply of homes for sale and to let on estate agents’ books and ultimately the volume of listings available on the property portal.


The new campaign comes as Rightmove also re-airs its ‘This Is It’ video advert, which encourages potential home-movers who are holding back to take the plunge.

The design is set against a countryside backdrop, a nod to the trend Rightmove has tracked this year of more people searching and enquiring about rural and coastal areas.

Righmove says that that the campaign is expected to deliver over 160 million impressions, combining high impact roadside sites with high dwell time rail locations.

The creative underwent testing using eye-tracking technology, to understand how people seeing the ads would view the information in a real-life setting. The results showed the creative scored highly in multiple areas, such as how effectively the information was consumed, with the simple and direct message resonating strongly.

Key site locations include London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Liverpool and Birmingham.

Iain Kennedy, Rightmove’s Head of Marketing, said: “The message to ‘explore the life that could be’ invites people to consider how different things could be if they acted on their desire to move rather than just talked about it.

“Agents have been faced with record low stock levels this year, so to support them and get people moving, we’ve invested in extensive outdoor advertising in all areas of Great Britain, to amplify the message to sellers that now could be their time to move.”

Commenting on the new marketing campaign, Dan Wootton, client director at Talon Outdoor, said “We test hundreds of creatives each year with our Talon Canvas eye-tracking technology and find creatives that are simple and visually striking have the most impact. In this creative from Rightmove, the combination of centrally-positioned messaging and compelling background images, gained significantly higher than average attention.”


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  1. jsmcr

    Presumably another price hike is on the way if they’re trying to prove they actually advertise “to benefit their members”.

  2. silverfox

    They have to justify what they are spending your £1,200 plus a month fee on, in a market where properties sell themselves


  3. Countrybumpkin

    Wonder why they have chosen now to do this and for just one month. They may as well just wished everyone happy Christmas or ‘is it a squeeze round the Christmas table’ time to…

    probably above is right hikemove

    1. MarkJ

      Call me cynical but ……To keep you trading so that you can pay your fees I would imagine?

  4. MarkJ

    ‘explore the life that could be’        tagline missing the end bit ….  ‘without Rightmove’  

  5. Cyberpunk35

    Thank heavens for Rightmove. Single handedly saving an industry from the jaws of disaster. Outdoor advertising that makes Rightmove the hero of the public’s moving journey. How novel. Whatever next? Premium listing anyone? Rightmove we salute thee.

  6. Robert_May

    Support agents? Nah! a reduced inventory with very little new stock for consumers to  casually browse  (99.97% of traffic is tyre  kicking) means  the tyre kickers quickly tire of seeing the same few listings.

    Suddenly the habit of looking at Rightmove is broken and that’s not good news for a platform that relies on traffic, traffic, traffic.


    The average number of lisings is now about a 1/3rd of what they normally are, over half of  all listings are UO/SSTC so this very much is not about agents it is about keeping  consumers engaged.


    Sorry if  I can’t see the finest cloth and exquisite stitching,  but the reality is 80% of listings  will  gravitate towards the stronger agents at the expense (literally)  of the agents who are paying ARPA+ to  have nothing available  to list.


    As  the MIRAS drought broke the stranglehold of  local newspaper advertising in 1992 this listing drought could be what exposes the  inherent weakness of  aggregating listing platforms

  7. PeeBee

    Erm… hang on…

    “The nationwide campaign… will appear in over 1,000 roadside and rail locations across a month of activity.”

    But “it’s all online”, innit?

    Apparently not.  Rightmove decide that they have to resort to putting up signs to attract more eyeballs.

    Funny that – Agents have been doing exactly that for decades – they call them “For Sale” and “To Let” boards.

    So by Rightmove’s logic, those boards must work – or they wouldn’t be spending the dosh.

    Anyone see the irony here?


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