Rightmove clamps down hard on agents’ own contact details in listings

Rightmove is introducing a function that will automatically remove agents’ own contact details on listings.

Any web links, email addresses and phone numbers included in the text for new and updated listings will automatically be removed before they go live.

All contact will go through, and be tracked by, Rightmove itself.

An online explanation of the new functionality says: “Having only one set of contact details on your property is less confusing for Rightmove users, making them feel more confident in sending you a lead.

“Not only that but your leads will consistently be sent through the ‘request details’ button or your personalised, tracked phone number which is automatically displayed across your listings.”

A Rightmove spokesperson told EYE: “The automatic removal of contact details is something new that’s being introduced to ensure there is only one set of contact details on a listing for a home hunter to contact, which will take them straight through to the agent by email or by phone.

“Rightmove’s technical guidelines have always stated that there should be no additional contact details on a listing, so this new technology will do this automatically for agents.”

However, one agent said he was far from happy with the new functionality, and accused Rightmove of exercising an unacceptable level of control.

Graeme Lumsden said: “They are deleting legitimate agent information which informs and helps potential buyers.

“In my case we direct clients to our own website so they can view relevant legal information (such as the Scottish Home Report Survey).”

He said that Rightmove was pursuing a marketing strategy specifically designed to protect its own “business monopoly – and of course it is carefully explained away as being helpful for the consumer and subscriber”.

The new functionality is explained here


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  1. MillicentBystander

    Isn’t this the same Rightmove who admitted to not sending every lead on to agents?  

  2. smile please

    Benefits nobody except RM. How dare they tell us what we can put in an advert after the thousands we spend with them every month.

    1. Mr Impartial

      Do you make money? or do you lose money by listing with RM?

      1. Typhoon

        That’s totally not the point. The way they are going on cranking up their prices, soon we will not make any money with them

  3. Mr Impartial

    First steps in moving into the transaction model?

  4. GPL

    Rightmove’s latest action, only serves to confirm that UK Estate Agency Industry must rid itself of Rightmove as it is failing to provide real value for its Subscribers.
    Rightmove’s advertising portal isof diminishing value to its users. Their latest action is blatant commercial protectionism at the expense of both its paying subscribers and the consumer. It demonstrates that Rightmove is experiencing its own challenging times as Subscribers grow weary of Rightmove’s poor subscriber service (shockingly bad service from their customer service team/s), their poor quality software platform, their poor visual presentation ……and their glaring inability to connect positively with their Subscribers.
    In my view, and of many others, Rightmove can proudly boast that from a Subscribers perspective they are one of least liked service providers and continue to demonstrate an alarmingly poor “value for money” product.
    Rightmove is consistently making the Wrong-moves ….it is Corporate Blind with regard to disenfranchised Subscribers because it thinks it is too big to fail? …….Corporate History is littered with Companies that thought they were too big to fail!    

  5. Ric

    Does GDPR cover this?

    Did, Rightmove get the “end users consent” for Rightmove to take, store and use the phone number or email address of the person?

    I am sure when you call via Rightmove the message does not say we [Rightmove] will store and use your contact details.

  6. Jrsteeve

    Just opt out of their ‘call handling’, we did twats ago and have our direct office numbers shown.

    1. Davidevernden32

      Very interesting

    2. Eyereaderturnedposter12

      ”…we did twats…” I enjoyed the vernacular (assuming RM are the ”twats” in question) 😉

    3. smile please

      Did not know you could do that. Will call later and ask for the same.

    4. CountryLass

      Does that make it cheaper per month? What does it mean, just that rather than get the ‘This call was forwarded by Rightmove’ recording, the customer can just call direct from a number on the advert?

  7. Eyereaderturnedposter12

    …just another example of the utter contempt RM has for it’s paying Agents…

    …I’m amazed, given the recent reports of 20-25% fee increases…some are still putting up with it…

    all the while RM and it’s shareholders are laughing all the way to the bank (stopping by any Agency offices along the way…peering in through the window and having a good giggle at those inside)…

    time for a change, if you haven’t already…

    Have a successful day!

  8. Countrybumpkin

    Mr Shipside. Please shape up or ship out.

    1. CountryLass

      I know of an MD who actually told his managers to “Fit in or **** off”… Part of me was in awe that he would have the cojones to say that and the other part was in awe that someone could be so daft as to think that was an acceptable thing to say in a professional meeting…

  9. ARC

    Makes a lot of sense from RM point of view, so no real surprise they are getting tough on enforcing it.

  10. Commentator91

    No one can doubt that RM are a successful company, provide useful intel for agents, and convenience for home movers.

    But the way that they are now riding roughshod over their subscribing agents is despicable. Agents are providing them with the property data in the first instance, for heavens sake…!

    1. ARC

      Or are they allowing you to advertise (granted at a cost) to millions of people based on a brand they have built over two decades. The industry perception is that they need RM more than RM need them, so is it any surprise that is how you are treated.

  11. MarketLeader101

    How much simpler do you morons need it?


    Leave RM, they need you a whole lot more than you need them!  Stop paying way over the odds for appalling service, decreasing leads and extortionate fees.  You honestly only have yourself to blame if you don’t.

  12. KC54

    All agents have a choice.  We exercised ours earlier in the year and have saved a fortune with no affect on the business!  RM were pioneers and very successful, but things change and I believe Portals will be insignificant in the way we transact business in less than 5 years.

  13. Property Poke In The Eye

    RM are losing agents by the day and need hold onto that Monopoly.  The only way they can do this is to track every phone call and lead.  Then use that data to increase your RM fees.

    This also cuts away the private advertisers, sticking their contacts details in the description when going through the DIY listings platforms.

    I suppose it’s a good move for Rightmove as they will keep shafting agents with prices hikes with data.

  14. Flatnose1927

    Shame they’re not so diligent with agents who leave their properties showing online after completion to artificially bump up their register size!! I suspect that’s more confusing than a couple of contact numbers!

  15. Property Pundit

    Sinister. Orwellian. That noise? It’s Rightmove hammering the nails in to its own coffin. LONG overdue. Time to leave people.

  16. surrey1

    In fairness, as an agent I want to know where the leads are coming from. For example this month I’ve learned I’m paying RM about £100 per unique buyer lead a month. Maybe they might not want me to know that of course!

  17. observer2019

    As an industry observer with clients as estate agents I provide marketing analytics consultancy, here’s my view:

    1. Estate Agents are their own worse enemies because they don’t have the courage to walk away…

    2. Yes, there’s the issue of a huge drop in leads – but this will be temporary

    3. In a slow market like now, you really need to do a risk/reward analysis of: lower leads vs. freedom from RM (saving £12k a year)

    4. It’s not like their aren’t alternatives (Zoolpa is not an alternative)

    5. The “mob is fickle” – if EAs move from RM to another portal, the public will eventually go to the new portal – they only care about finding properties

    6. OTM is a viable option for the time being, but if they get market dominance then as a listed company, they’re sure to follow in RMs footsteps

    7. Focus on non-portal marketing activities

    8. Maybe test it out? Get off RM for 3 months and see the difference – measure it with numbers! Actual numbers in Excel with formulas!

    9. It takes courage, but unless you’re in a very rural area, it won’t be the end of your business

    10. Do most of your leads come from out of town or more local people? Is it word of mouth?

    11. Zoopla was bought for £2bn+, they’re not an alternative – why are EAs even on here? Why did even start to get on there?

    12. If you’re  really really scared of leaving RM, then don’t! But defo leave Zoopla and OTM

    13. Finally, do not, I repeat do not, worry about the EA down the road being on there and getting more leads/instructions

    14. Focus on marketing where you’re in control and customer service and reputation management


    1. ARC

      That is all good advice but my perception of the “fear” agents have is more about being sat in a vendors lounge on a val and them saying and “your on rightmove aren’t you?” because right or wrong a large amount of vendors believe that to be the key to them selling their house. How do you suggest overcoming that?

      1. observer2019

        Being on RM is a selling point and requirement from most sellers – but is it their number one priority? No.
        So, what else does a seller look for?
        1. Track record
        2. Fees
        3. Professionalism
        4. Reputation
        Focus on these…
        It’s not straightforward and difficult convos will be required with potential sellers, but defeating the “monster” created partly by EAs won’t be easy and happen quickly
        Long term strategies are key here

        1. observer2019

          Also, you have to keep in mind the public’s way of thinking
          If EAs start moving slowly off RM:
          1. Less properties shown on RM searches
          2. Public won’t just close browser windows and say that’s that then
          3. They’ll look elsewhere: Zoopla, OTM, Google searches
          4. Eventually, EA websites
          Traditional approaches like SEO, having good websites, being on review sites, etc. are key and will need to be invested in, but it’s an investment in your own business and not just paying RM fees.
          The “fear” is hardest bit to get over…

        2. ARC

          There in lies the problem as the vast majority of agents have very few of those 4 facets on which to trade hence the “fear”.

          1. Property Pundit

            Ask yourself a question: ‘Would RM care if their incessant and unjustifiable rate rises and market dominance caused your company ultimately to go down the tubes’? Any company worth half their salt would answer affirmatively, you know the answer here, don’t you?

  18. Anthonyw

    This is absolute madness! I agree with Observer2019.

    There is so much happening across the industry now, so many new ways to market property. Don’t be afraid to give new things ago (usually they offer long free periods and most are much lower cost than RM, Z and OTM).


  19. wardy

    I suspect that as with everything RM, this is about money and rerouting calls through their system is a nice little earner.

  20. International

    The time has surely come for all agents to have the courage of conviction and dump Rightmove, something that I am suggesting to out team with 20+ offices.

    Agency has been in self-destruct mode for too long and regrettably very few have the confidence to stand up for decent fees. This has to be a breaking point and with the availability of OTM and Zoopla, we can do it if we walk out on mass.

  21. Property Pundit

    Business management textbooks of the future will feature the life cycle of Rightmove as a study aid of what NOT to do in business.

    Give your product away for free, get your customers hooked on your product, monetise them as much as it is humanly possible, be a darling of the City but then stagnate, fail to innovate while continuing to stretch the elastic band of customer’s patience and cash-flow just that little bit too far. All the while, a new bridge is being built and tested while your company – the old bridge – is about to collapse. End of life cycle.

    1. Lil Bandit

      Actually this fits in well with a pretty standard business model of any growth company, keep up !

      1. Property Pundit


  22. GPL


    It’s amazing? Rightmove looking to “improve” their website offering.


    Yet, this paying Subscriber contacts Rightmove Customer Service re a problem with Rightmove’s Website – I receive an Automated Email Response (They will respond within 48 Hours?) – 5 Days later a Rightmove Employee responds with “Oh, sorry about the delay” …….and this is the service I receive from a company that profits by MILLIONS & MILLIONS of POUNDS from Estate Agents, Letting Agents etc?


    Our Industry is being treated by Rightmove as some sort of “Waste Product”.


    What sort of Company are you Rightmove? – acting solely in YOUR best interests, NOT acting in the best interests of your paying Subscribers.


    I’ll reiterate …….Corporate History is littered with Companies that thought they were too big to fail, take note Rightmove …….your name is already engraved on the Worst Service Provider Award!


    Rightmove needs to be formally “rated” by its paying Subscribers – what reading that would make!


    Bullymove remains standing firmly in the centre of Our Industry …and at what cost to Our Industry?




  23. GeorgeOrwell

    Subscribing to Rightmove as a paying Estate Agent, as I have done for over 15 years, is now submitting to being controlled like a serf in a Rightmove controlled state

    Rightmove continue to build higher walls, add more security guards, increase the number of searchlights, restrict the water supply, lessen the rice proportions whilst increasing that pound of flesh from 1 to 2 to 3 and so on

    The level of despise to which Rightmove is now held has no equal within our industry

    If we remain with Rightmove we accept that we are Rightserfs, and that we gladly give our increasing pounds of flesh in return for the crumbs that they discard on their terms


  24. J1

    Rightmove grew because the independents were getting battered by the corporates…..who had and still have preferential rates.

    Unless the corporates jump, the independents won’t in sufficient numbers, and the corporates are unlikely to jump.

  25. AgencyInsider

    Don’t like it? Don’t pay for it. Other portals are available.

  26. HIT MAN

    It’s official From August 2019 every agent north of Leicester is resigning from Rightmove in protest the initial period of 4 months has been agreed amongst all… its thought that RM will lose 7.5m in the first month! And agents will save on average £1350 per month with an option to rejoin in the new year if they really need to, However Christmas bonuses and parties have been booked in advance from the savings made.

    1. Property Poke In The Eye

      Every agent should strike to send a clear message.

  27. LandlordsandLetting

    I have never been very fond of letting agents or estate agents but I recognise that now Rightmove has become a beast out of control and is unreasonably exploiting its market position. I wish agents could wrest back some power from Rightmove. It is never good to have virtually one monopoly supplier.

  28. HIT MAN

    it would be good to remind agents that OTM allows all agents to have their own website link from their portal and would never try to control them. Another reason to drop Rightmove.


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