Rightmove claims that it has speeded up referencing times by 20%

Rightmove says that its newly rebranded Landlord & Tenant Services has made improvements to the time it takes for an agent to request and receive a reference, with the average time now 20% quicker than last year.

As well as quicker referencing times, the property website argues that letting agents are now benefitting from a redesigned referencing platform that launched last week, allowing them to book a reference in just one click. All of these developments are part of Rightmove’s new Rent in Five plan.

Rightmove’s head of lettings, Christian Balshen, said: “We know that letting agents are busier than ever, and so we’re investing in speeding up the process to help make a move-in as easy as possible. Our unique referencing platform already allows agents to start referencing through their CRM and our re-designed referencing platform aims to improve the process even further.

“As part of our ‘Rent in Five’ vision we’re also investing in the referencing team in Newcastle as we think that people remain fundamental to creating good quality references. Letting agents must be able to rely on us to give them, their landlords, and their tenants great customer service at all times.

“We’re committed to improving the rental process for letting agents, tenants and landlords and I’m excited to see how our customers respond to the newly re-designed platform.”


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One Comment

  1. Robert_May

    I think we should organise a quick draw shootout between referencing providers to see who’s fastest.


    The one thing referencing isn’t about is speed- reference in haste repent at leisure?


    This is a major play to defend a vulnerability;  the letting side of the business needs to be mindful that dragging this trojan horse through the gates of the city  is designed to give Rightmove the same  hold over lettings as they do over sales.

    The average letting  agent  lets   about 9 properties a month, With Rightmove ARPA up to  over £1100 a month, whatever Rightmove are offering it’s expensive compared to the cost of  traditional tenant vetting.

    Rightmove are  playing my game now and while they might have money I know what I’m doing. Although my detractors and critics  don’t like me mentioning the past, this is a rework of 2011 when I integrated Van Mildert into Jupix.

    I really don’t care who agents use to reference their tenants or what it costs, but  this ” “vision” ” blah blah blah can only be a partial solution and  because of that it  steals viability from the bits of the lettings and management process that enable the industry to function properly. 25% of the population  has a home thanks to the PRS lettings and property management industry,  buggering about with that for the sake a  a few extra pennies dividend concerns me, a lot



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