Revision in Propertymark qualifications means a simpler route for learners

If your goal is to become a qualified property agent then certain changes have now made the process simpler.

You may already know that Propertymark Qualifications has made changes to its qualifications in preparation for the new national Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), which came into effect on January 1.

There will be some minor changes to examination topics for all examinations taking place after this date.

One of the main changes has been to create a common unit across the Level 2 and Level 3 Award qualifications.

This means that once learners have successfully passed this common unit they will not need to take this unit again should they progress to another qualification.

For the lettings suite of qualifications at Level 3 (Residential Letting and Property Management, Residential Inventory Management and Practice and Residential Tenancy Deposit Protection and Management), there are now two common units across each qualification.

This means that once Level 3 learners have completed these units they will already have credit for other qualifications in the suite, should they progress to another qualification.

So, if you want to become qualified in more than one area of property then this is now far simpler to do.

For example, if you have passed the Level 3 Award in Residential Letting and Property Management, then you only need to pass two of the four units in the Level 3 Residential Inventory Management and Practice to achieve the full qualification.

Those of you who aren’t letting orientated haven’t been forgotten either. If you have the Level 3 Award in Residential Sales then because of the common unit to all Level 3 qualifications, you now need only take three of the four units for any other Level 3 qualification, such as the Level 3 Award in Commercial Property Agency or Level 3 Award in Real Property Auctioneering or even the Level 3 Award in Residential Letting and Property Management.

Michael Smith, head of Propertymark Qualifications, said: “Propertymark Qualifications has been listening to feedback from our customers and has made these revisions to provide easier access to our qualifications, ease the burden of assessment and facilitate progression for learners and those working in the property professions.

“With increased time in which to complete the qualifications, together with new qualification specifications detailing clear learning outcomes and assessment criteria for each unit showing what you will need to know and prepare for each examination, we hope that our revised qualifications will make it easier for learners to gain associated qualifications and support their professional and career development.”

For more information, and to help you understand the specific unit changes that may affect your upcoming examination topics, MOL has information available to you at
or by calling MOL on 0345 203 2103.

For full details of the qualifications and to download the specifications and to find out about registering for your qualification, then visit or call Propertymark Qualifications on 01926 417794.

Paul Jager is head of the property division at MOL, a professional training provider responsible for writing the Propertymark qualification workbooks.

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  1. ArthurHouse02

    PropertyMark Qualifictation

    Step 1 – Fill in Form

    Step 2 – Sign Form

    Step 3 – Pay Membership fee

    Wow you’ve qualified, you are amazing, we value your experience and knowledge

    Support given for qualified and registered members – NIL

    1. new life

      I couldnt agree more

      1. AgencyInsider

        I share your views about what Propertymark do (or rather, don’t do) for members but you are completely misrepresenting the qualification process by insinuating you can simply buy membership. You can’t. And to suggest so is to undermine the very genuine efforts of a lot of people, mainly youngsters, who work hard to get those exams and qualify.


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