Reapit announces ‘game changer’ partnership with mobile proptech firm

IT supplier Reapit has announced a new partnership with proptech firm Pocket Size Media, a firm specialising in the development of offline mobile technologies, which now include its new PocketNeg tablet solution.

The app has been tested by agents over several months and now syncs with Reapit software with features including valuations, vendor presentations and diary management.

Reapit managing director Gary Barker said: “As one of the original proptech companies we are always on the look-out for ‘real’ innovation within this industry.

“We know we don’t have a monopoly on good ideas and are always keen to invest in or partner those businesses wanting an accelerated platform for growth and where our clients can really gain a competitive edge.

“This is a real game changer for our clients and the industry, having this level of mobile sophistication.”

Dave Bartlett, founder of Pocket Size Media, said: “We were clear that we wanted to team up with a company that shared the same vision and skillset to deliver not only what this marketplace needs now but also for the years ahead.”

Simon Whale, director of Reapit, added: “We’ve seen many software houses indicate that they are ‘mobile’ but as usual we’re not interested in being first to market – what we care about is getting the best solution for the marketplace.

“This tie-up with PocketNeg allows our clients to continue working whilst our competitors have their ‘computer says no’ moment.”

Reapit has also joined forces with repairs reporting specialist Fixflo.

Agents using Reapit’s Property Tracker solution will be able to give tenants access to Fixflo’s repair reporting platform to log maintenance issues.

Reapit clients wishing to enquire about adding the Fixflo system should contact:

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  1. Frosty

    Lots going on in that sector of the industry at the moment so worth shopping around. You can have a full version of the Acquaint CRM property software installed on any Windows tablet (which are a fraction of the cost of iPads) allowing you and your staff to take your business with you everywhere, Acquaint also includes an online tenant maintenance reporting system at no extra charge.

  2. Trevor Mealham


    Many of the INEA agents move to Acquaint. Some of its features such as mls is way beyond the big UK softwares.

  3. Moolamarkie

    All web based property software solutions are accessible from any mobile or tablet so I’m not sure about this being a “game changer”.  Even if the software doesn’t have a mobile or responsive version, just go into your phone’s browser settings and request the desktop version…

    1. Whaley

      Moolamarkie, that’s a really good point and one that could do with expanding on. Just having access to your system from  a browser is hardly game changing, user experience is terrible working on a shrunken screen.

      The reason we sought out PocketNeg was that they optimise for the mobile devices. In this case making best use of the native functionality on the iPad of iOS to get the best results in terms of performance.

      Additionally as we all know its not just people in rural areas that scoff at everyone talking up 4G, you can go into the wrong street in central London or into the wrong building and often they’re lucky to bounce off GPRS. That kills most mobile solutions dead.  The reason PocketNeg steps up to the plate here is that is looks at this achilles heel and works both online and offline.

      These two structural reasons are why our clients are giving such good feedback on this as a solution. Hope that helps, you can see a bit more info here

      1. Moolamarkie

        @Whaley – thanks for your response and I guess with new proptech partnerships and Liverpool being top of the table life is pretty good!

        Whilst there are some very, very limited connectivity issues, I would be surprised if somebody would jump from Dezrez, Jupix, Vebra et al citing connectivity as a reason.  And as it says on the link you provided, the efficiency gains through, “…remote access to RPS diary and contact information…” imply needing online connectivity anyway?

        I guess I’m not really seeing the advantages and wondering if you’re addressing an issue that is either not really there or certainly not a driver for changing software supplier, which is ultimately what you want to do.

        Your product offering is focusing on tablet users for which ‘shrunken screens’ is not applicable anyway!  All of the above work perfectly on a 9″ screen!  Native functionality on iOS (I guess there’s an Android version?) is putting a layer of technology that is just not needed.  More complexitiy typically means more problems.

        The user testing numbers are what always interests me.  As the old saying goes, “One swallow doesn’t make a summer” so how many branches were used for the trials? 100?  250?  You need at least somewhere between this number to avoid user bias or at least have a structured reporting process that allows for and can reduce this.  Ideally, you want none ReapIT users who are not going to be swayed.  ‘Pet’ customers, i.e. the friendly ones we always turn to aren’t always the most objective of software testers.

        So I stand by my statement of this not being a “game changer” and probably more of an attempt to bring your legacy technology nearly into the 21st century…

        1. Whaley

          @Moolamarkie no doubt there, its only Klopp that’s saving me from staring the reality of a Brexity Trump world.

          Back to your point, ‘very, very limited connection issues’ that’s woefully wide of the mark, as many agents will tell you this week. And don’t confuse desktop connectivity to a cloud provider to the increased complexity of doing it in the field on mobile devices. If you’re saying there’s no issue there then i’m afraid you’re in that techie ivory tower that so many frequent without dealing with real day to day issues. Oh god i’m sounding like Trump already.

          If the issue wasn’t really here then we’d be seeing every software providers client base out in the field as mobile warrior. That’s definitely not the case and so the question remains why.  Our extensive research shows that those two key issues around connectivity and not being effectively optimised for mobile use are the main blockers.

          Your definition ‘works perfectly’ is clearly different to mine or many others, they’re ok but since when did ok cut it. Perhaps you can point me to the myriad stories where they’re citing this?

          No this is a device developed for iOS so at this stage iPads are what its covering. And I think your point on complexity misses the exact point that this is what Apple has prided themselves on, simplifying the process for the end users benefit.

          Our testing processes are always a focus for our development teams and we seek out partners who fit into that ethos. If you look at their website you can see the background of the team there that is perfectly suited to the challenge in hand.

          Of course my focus is on delivering the best solution for our Reapit clients so we’re always going to place a bias on them when that’s who the integration was intended for. Not really sure what to say about the ‘pet’ client point, can’t really remember us doing one recently for the Cumberland but you’re quite right we are blessed with a lot of clients who seem to enjoy working with us. Maybe not me but the restraining orders cover that.

          By all means stand by your statement, we will of course keep you updated and as ever the market will decide. I remember when they said the same about us. This little old legacy software house with the industries best agents using the market leading RPS software.

          Booom …drops mike …leaves the room.


          1. Moolamarkie

            Brilliant answer!  Push some buttons, ask the questions and a far stronger view is expressed.

            See, you need people like me to keep you honest!

            1. Robert May

              All very good if you make the assumption  that the SAAS provider is broadcasting a signal other than a  girl, a clown and a blackboard!


  4. KristianStott54

    I’m really excited about this launch. A real game changer…

    Offline sync is absolutely essential in any mobile tool. No agent should be rummaging around a potential vendors hallway table looking for  a WiFi key and access to reliable 3G and 4G data is in no way commonplace. My experience is that with increasing demand and contention mobile networks are getting worse – not better. Even if they were any good the need to get high quality imagery, collateral and data at a moments notice would be latent and very unimpressive.

    From a technical perspective I love the control delivered by locking the product down to iOS using Apple MDM to secure the data and provide control from the centre of the business over all mobile data and users. I’ve seen loads of ways in which I can put brochures and presentations on a tablet but to have a reliable, fully managed offline data sync and bi-directional functionality is awesome.

    For ReapIT to have built this partnership shows a really good vision into the reality of the mobile workforce and the frustrating limitations of mobility… the “stick it in a browser and it’ll be great” approach shows a real naivety to whats going on in the day job of the modern agent.


    1. Moolamarkie

      In all fairness @KristianStott54, you are a ReapIT client, with an additional testimonial, case study or newsletter update to consider!

      It’s good to see that as an IT Manager you’re out in the field on a daily basis…

      1. KristianStott54

        @moolamarkie we’ve a strict “don’t feed the trolls” policy I’m afraid so you’ll have to go back to winding @whaley up.


        1. Whaley

          Well done pet, I mean Kristian

        2. Moolamarkie

          No need to continue winding The Whale as he’s made a decent argument. A lot of which I agree with.

          It’s a shame when somebody plays the troll accusation card though, rather than offering a counter point.

          Hey-ho.  I guess not everybody values free thinking…

  5. LondonR90

    Not a game changer.

  6. MissCharlotteP13

    Bearing in mind most businesses operate using an internet connection these days, surely software in the cloud is more than manageable? That may be my “basic” way of looking at it, but then we’ve been pushing to move to a more mobile friendly piece of software for a while now!


    I presume there will be even more costs for this…it certainly won’t come cheap.


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