Proptech suppliers team up

Reapit, a major provider of property management and agency CRM software, and InventoryBase, which provides property inventory software, have formed a new partnership to create a collaborative marketplace for agents.

The newly integration between InventoryBase Workstreams and Reapit’s CRM enables users to book property inspections directly through the software using a Workstreams secure form. Reapit users can then select a supplier of their choice from a range of bids, and communicate directly with them through the Workstreams Network. Reports will be available to download directly into property documents within Reapit.

The integration between InventoryBase Workstreams and Reapit further enables customers to access vetted and approved professional inventory and property service providers.

Steve Rad, managing director for InventoryBase, said: “We were among the very first to rally behind Reapit’s Platform-as-a-Service and app marketplace concept, first viewing it in January earlier this year, and watching it evolve over the months to launch.

“We’re really happy that Reapit found a way to build a bridge between its closed Enterprise CRM and the vast array of apps available on the market so that they can each add value to a company’s tech stack. We’re excited to be working with Reapit to deliver this clear value to both their and our customers.”

Local to properties across the UK; providers are available to carry out often time various tasks, such as compiling detailed inventory reports, checking in tenants, conducting periodic inspections and completing the final check out report at the end of the tenancy journey.

Paul Starkey, chief commercial officer at Reapit, commented: “We are always delighted when another leading PropTech supplier joins the stellar line-up of solutions already available in the App Marketplace, bring outstanding value and flexibility to our customers. Something that has never been more important than now, with the commercial landscape changing so often and so quickly.”


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  1. Andrew Stanton Proptech Real Estate Strategist

    Steve Rad, and all at the InventoryBase team quitely ploughing ahead, for anyone who has not heard of ‘Workstreams’ now you know where to head, and a mention for Paul Starkey CCO at Reapit who works tirelessly to make these things happen, great brands doing exceptional work. This is where I get excited when clever people like CEO Steve Rad and Sian Hemming Metcalfe really understand a problen, then design a solution that works for all stakeholders.  

  2. KByfield04

    Over the coming weeks and months, we will be seeing an array of partner integrations delivering an enhanced and often seamless solution to agents. This is what we have been waiting (and campaigning) for over the last 5 years or so- but we are now seeing crm’s and suppliers understand the true value of delivering these integrations. An enhanced agency experience with reduced data entry, human error and dashboard fatigue whilst consumers too will get a more streamlined digital experience. What’s not to like!?

  3. Michelle Killoran

    Great to see more companies open to working together to streamline the industry.


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