Propertymark: The PRS ‘plays a crucial role in the housing system’

Propertymark yesterday sent a letter to Patrick Harvie, following his appointment as minister for Zero Carbon Buildings, Active Travel and Tenants’ Rights in Scotland.

Propertymark says it sent the letter in a bid to build on recent work when it comes to engaging with the Scottish government and MSPs.

The organisation argues that it is important that the introduction of any new legislation is based on evidence, as overly burdensome blanket policies are likely to have a negative effect on the sector.

At a time when demand is far outstripping supply, Propertymark is concerned landlords, many of whom have also been personally affected by the pandemic, coupled with pre and post pandemic regulatory changes, will either sell up or turn to the short-term letting market diminishing the much-needed supply of housing even further.

Propertymark says that there is widespread support for measures to tackle the rogue element of the sector, and argues that its members, who take their role in ensuring the properties under management are safe and compliant very seriously, are keen to see the raft of existing regulations adhered to by all and properly enforced before new rules are considered.

Daryl McIntosh, policy manager at Propertymark, commented: “The private rented sector plays a crucial role in the housing system, providing homes to people who cannot, or simply do not want to, own their own home and for whom the social rented sector is not an option.

“We ask that the Scottish government show careful consideration before introducing additional regulations to the sector. We continue to see landlords feeling the pressures of endless legislative changes and are exiting the market. Additional pressures could see the sector further crumble.

“Working in collaboration with our members, stakeholders, politicians and parliamentarians we aim to continue to raise the standards across the entire industry ensuring people can rent affordable, warm and safe homes from reputable landlords.

“We congratulate Patrick on his new appointment as Minister for Zero Carbon Buildings, Active Travel and Tenants’ Rights and look forward to working with him on future topical issues to collaborate effectively and provide the best solutions for the Private Rented Sector moving forward.”

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  1. LVW4

    It was odds-on that the Greens would be given power over the landlords in Scotland. It’s a manifesto objective to destroy the PRS and no ‘congratulatory’ letters will stop this bunch of loons now they’ve been given a little power.

  2. jeremy1960

    What’s this? Property Mark writing another letter?!

    I bet all their members are chuffed that their subs buy all these stamps!

    1. AcornsRNuts

      Postage is expensive these days.

    2. Tayking Themichael

      Exactly, how dare they engage with ministers in a respectable and persuasive manner. They should be campaigning outside the ministers constituency office with placards and protests.

  3. Andrew Stanton Proptech Real Estate Influencer

    At present only the tiniest uptick in PRS landlords selling up, and typically they sell one and buy another. The big problem is Lloyds etc now saying we need 50,000 properties as we are going into rentals, also asset stripping head of John Lewis Sharon White thinking the same way.

    The PRS is pretty doomed to encroachment buy institutional investment landlords, your typical accidental landlord is definitely on the wanted list. With HMRC joining all the dots on tax returns digitally, to all the regulations and of course the ever loud noise of Generation Rent etc (pressure groups are fine – but they should be rooted in some form of balanced view – landlords are not they enemy, they provide the places tenants live).

    1. Woodentop

      At present only the tiniest uptick in PRS landlords selling up, and typically they sell one and buy another. 


      Lol. What coalface are you working at.

      1. LVW4

        You beat me to it!


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