Propertymark demand ‘urgent action’

The government must do more to help tenants and support landlords, according to Propertymark.

The organisation fears that without state support, the PRS faces a two-speed recovery as Covid-19 continues to impact rental debts.

Last month, Propertymark was among a host of organisations that wrote to Eddie Hughes, minister for Rough Sleeping and Housing, to emphasise their ongoing concerns over Covid-related rent arrears and urged the government to introduce emergency financial support.

Despite calling for action, Propertymark says that not enough is being done.

Some MPs are also continuing to raise their concerns, and during a debate earlier this month on the effects of Covid-19 on household debt, Yvonne Fovargue highlighted data showing the average household debt has increased with around 4.3 million people now behind on bills such as rent.

Mark Hayward

Research from Citizens Advice was also referenced which shows that the coronavirus pandemic has pushed millions into financial hardship and renters and people on lower incomes are among the groups most likely to have increased their debt to get by since the beginning of the pandemic.

Mark Hayward, Propertymark’s chief policy advisor, said: “We have been calling on the UK Government to take action against COVID-19-related rent arrears for far too long.

“There has been a lack of direct financial support for the private rented sector to support those who need it the most during these times of uncertainty.

“Now that the furlough scheme is tapering down, we are calling on the UK Government to take urgent action to sustain tenancies, help renters and in turn support landlords.”


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  1. jan - byers

    PM DEMAND  action

    Oh ok then

    A worthless load of nobodies who have no influence

  2. smile please

    Well best part of 6 months to evict non-paying tenants is not helping.

    Also most rent and legal cover is a joke so LL out of pocket.

    Propertymark are just living in a different world and not tackling these things when they should.

    Load of old duffers, want to be part of a club and give themselves irrelevant letters after their names to make them feel important.

    1. jan - byers

      smile you could not be more correct
      As Will Carling once said 57 old farts
      They will have a dinner, get sloshed, pat each other on the back and talk a load of ********


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