Property-related search upswing points to market resilience

Property-related searches are on the rise in the UK, defying predictions of a slump in the property market in 2023 due to economic challenges, according to a study carried out by Legal Bricks.

The research analysed searches on Google for key terms such as Rightmove, Zoopla, ‘homes near me’, and ‘new build homes near me’, comparing data from January 2023 with 2022.

In January, searches for Rightmove increased by 23% compared to November 2022, while Zoopla saw a 49% uptick. Searches for new build homes, detached homes, and semi-detached homes also saw increases of between 20% and 40% during that period.

Although overall search activity was down year-on-year when comparing January 2023 with January 2022, the cooling trend was noted after a surge in the market due to the Stamp Duty Land Tax holiday.

Mike Connelly, founder of Legal Bricks and commercial director at parent company Access Legal, said the search data was a good indication of a resilient housing market.

He commented: “Early this year there was a lot of doom and gloom around the property market outlook for 2023. Yet when we have been talking with our conveyancing customers, many say activity has recovered to pre-pandemic levels after a lull at the end of 2022.”

Connelly added: “Our research into typical property-related searches indicates that people in the UK are looking at their own situations and making their own decisions on their next property move without being led too much by the noise around the market.

“It’s good news for conveyancers who will be hoping spring and beyond is positive for their caseloads.”


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