Property 11th most complained about sector to watchdog

Property was the 11th most complained about sector to the advertising watchdog last year.

It came behind shops, leisure, holidays and travel but ahead of cars and publishing in a list of 23 sectors.

Last year, there were 975 property-related complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority, resulting in 694 cases – increases of 28% and 14% respectively on the previous year.

Most complaints that were dealt with by the ASA last year overall were to do with misleading claims.

The majority of complaints were about online adverts (41%) but there were also complaints about emails, text messages and, in one case, a voicemail.

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  1. Property Poke In The Eye

    Most of these complaints were probably made by agents on agents.   Back in the day it was agents reporting other agents on PMA, as the public had no idea what PMA was.

  2. DASH94

    I’m not sure how to deal with all these statistics we get shown.

    Everything has to come somewhere on the list – sometimes it just seems as if we get figures for figures sake.

    Not a complaint – probably more to do with the barrage of figures that have been hitting the headlines and are supposed to be highly significant depending on who’s presenting them, since THAT 48/52% vote in 2016.


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