Picture of the Week: And it’s an amazing instruction alert – bound to sell quickly

Picture of the Week: And this is such a lovely house it’s bound to be sold in the first week.

Well, that’s what it says.

The problem is that it was listed back in April!

Quick update: the wording on the link has now been amended – so often the way, quite coincidentally, when we feature a Picture of the Week.


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  1. PeeBee

    It has also been reduced, in two steps (to date), by a total of £25000, according to Zoopla – who for some reason pitch the estimated property value at £492,000 – a whopping 31.2% higher than its’ current asking price.

    Maybe that’s it – maybe it just looks too cheap to buy…

  2. Woodentop

    Was it 1st of April?
    Keen to show off the naff furniture. Get it out!


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