OnTheMarket signs up Britain’s biggest builder Barratt as its first developer

OnTheMarket has signed up giant developer Barratt Developments as its first house builder.

Barratt will be listing residential developments and properties for sale with its three consumer brands, Barratt Homes, David Wilson Homes, and Barratt London.

The agreement was brokered by Barratt Developments’ media agency partner Carat Manchester.

Barratt Developments looks set to become OTM’s largest single customer.

Barratt sold 17,856 homes in the year to June, making it the biggest house builder in Britain. Over the past six years, Barratt has increased its housing output by 40%.

Barratt operates through six regions and 27 divisions.

Helen Whiteley, OTM’s commercial director, said: “In addition to building the number of contracted agents rapidly, it has been a stated objective for OnTheMarket to address the wider property market.

“New homes developers have been our first focus in broadening our advertiser base and I am delighted that the first house builder to join us is the leader in its field.

“It’s another milestone moment as we continue to deliver our transformational growth strategy.

“The business has ambitious expansion plans and we look forward to working closely with the marketing team to help them achieve their objectives by introducing them to new active property-seekers who are interested in their homes.”

Estate agency backed OTM said it does not expect the Barratt deal to have a material effect on revenues for this financial year, but said that the deal “represents OnTheMarket’s first step in addressing the opportunities within the new homes market, broadening its increasing relevance to active property-seekers”.

Jeremy Hipkiss, group sales and marketing director of Barratt Developments, said: “We are always looking for effective ways to promote our high quality homes to new audiences.

“In the highly competitive property portals space we have watched OnTheMarket go from strength to strength with active backing from property professionals and with a website that showcases properties effectively.

“We are pleased to be the first house builder to work with OnTheMarket to list developments from across our business and we look forward to working with the team to reach more customers.”

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  1. Shaun77

    If this deal was brokered by their media agency,, my assumption would be that the agency received a standard 15% commission, most of which will be kicked back to the client.

    Perhaps agents should also book their OTM advertising via a media agency in order to gain a 15% discount?

    1. Bless You

      How are new homes allowed to advertise on a fair portal.
      They are worse then the 80’s estate agents. 
      Massive conflict of interest with new homes sales people saying anything just to get a sale. 
      New Homes  are the worst. 

      1. Bless You

         “We are always looking for effective ways to promote our high quality homes to new audiences.”
        Yes they used to be called local estate agents you RATS new homes. 
        Also your sales people are stressing everyone out with 4 week exchanges when house isnt even built .   

        1. ARC

          I think its probably that attitude that is putting off any house builders from dealing with you.

          1. Bless You

            that will be it….  i make every house builder in the country act like its 1982 and the law is below them.

            good theory.

            1. ARC

              I meant more the name calling actually, though you appear to have removed the foul language and just kept the rodent references.

  2. ArthurHouse02

    Of course it wont have a material effect of revenue, Barratt probably arent paying anything.

    1. Property Pundit

      Was going to speculate on what they’ll be paying. Not quite ‘sprat to catch a mackerel’ but ‘mackerel to catch a mackerel’.

  3. Budgie boy

    I thought they presented themselves as an “Agents Portal” , but theyre no different to Rightmove with their plans, I just don’t trust them at all. Wolves in sheeps clothing, I fear.

  4. NotAdoctor32

    The portal run and owned by agents, for agents…….

    ….and developers, and oh by the way we are floating, and now you can buy add-ons.

    Rightmove mkII without the brand awareness.

  5. J1

    Does Boris Johnson run OTM nowadays???
    Re-branding Nottobetrusted.com  ????


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