OnTheMarket shares at a new low – while Countrywide shares dip after heavy trading

OnTheMarket shares, for which there was no trading yesterday, ended unchanged at 71.5p, their all-time low.

The shares were first issued for trading on the stock market in February 2018 at 165p.

This morning, a further tranche of just over one million shares are being issued, as reported on Monday, for agent members who sign new listing agreements.

Separately, there were unusually high volumes of trading in Countrywide shares yesterday.

At around noon, there was a flurry of heavy trading suggesting that there were some keen buyers of the stock.

The volume of trading did not boost the share price, which ended the day some 5% down at 4.6p.

Countrywide has issued no RNS about last week’s RICS disciplinary hearing and its £100,000 fine.

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  1. Pinky and The Brain

    Anyone got a spare 10m to buy a few 4p shares with?
    Just think about all those bonuses that were paid out cos of that 10mil was sitting in a company account… Corporate Fraud at it’s best!
    It’s Hard not to laugh seeing some Tom, Dick or John creaming it while just smiling and waving. Classic Letting Business smoke and mirrors 🙂


  2. Bless You

    On the market , launched to help agents fight back and keep portal fees down….

    So they go public, where the wolves want to see 20% growth forever..

    Good move sucker agents.


  3. 70GJ

    So do Countrywide have to repay the £10m to charity as per RICS rules? If not expect to see other firms doing the same when times are tough

    1. smile please

      £10 million for a 0.01% admin fee to RICS not bad!


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