Agent who conned landlords out of thousands in repairs scam ordered to repay just £850

An agent who conned landlords out of thousands of pounds by inventing unnecessary maintenance work has been ordered to pay back just £850.

Saleem Kassim was said to have pocked £16,500 from the scam.

Kassim, 36, managed properties while working at Leaders in Warrington.

On seven occasions, he told clients that work needed to be done on their central heating. But the work was not necessary and not carried out although landlords were invoiced.

Kassim, of Liverpool, left Leaders last May and his successor uncovered the swindle.

He was spared jail at Liverpool Crown Court last July after admitting fraud.

Kassim was given a suspended sentence plus a rehabilitation order and told to do 70 hours of unpaid community work.

Now a taxi driver, he returned to court for a Proceeds of Crime hearing.

Recorder Terence Rigby imposed a confiscation order of £850. Kassim will have 28 days to pay this, and will go to prison for a week if he does not.

Leaders lettings managing director Emma Wells said at the time of his sentencing: “The behaviour of this individual goes completely against the values of the company and he acted outside a strictly controlled process; we work hard to secure the trust of our landlords by offering expert guidance and a proactive service.

“This activity was reported as soon as we became aware of it, we took appropriate action internally and fully reimbursed the affected landlord. Our clients can rest assured that this was a disappointing but isolated incident, and our financial security and Propertymark Protection mean their investments are fully protected.”

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  1. Pinky and The Brain

    Lettings staff love making a bit of extra dosh!

  2. GeorgeHammond78

    Where were leaders’ checks and balances to prevent this from happening? And, how did he siphon money out of leader’s bank account into his own? ‘An isolated incident’ Hmmmm……

  3. DASH94

    So who is  covering the £16,500 that the landlords are out?

  4. APE

    He should be in jail.  He should also be fined more than he stole.

  5. Snyper

    A lot more questions than answers…

    who covers the £16.5k the landlords are out of pocket for?

    Why such a little fine?

    £850 or a week in prison? If he earns less than £850 a week as a taxi driver – I expect he does – I’m sure he’ll take the week’s holiday!

    Who makes up these sentences?




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