One-day event for industry suppliers could signal end to agents’ software integration problems

Industry suppliers are being invited to a demonstration day of a system which claims to have solved the CRM supplier integration problem.

For agents, it means that different products from different suppliers will be able to ‘talk to each other’.

It is claimed that this would mean agents would no longer have to find the time to input data to a new system to get it up and running.

It also means that agents would be able to access and try out new products much more easily, while suppliers should be able to market more freely to agency customers.

The new service has been developed by BestAgent, founded by Charlie Wright.

The demonstration day is for suppliers only and is to be held on June 26, starting at 9.30am, at the Bicester Hotel near Oxford.

Wright said that the event has now reached capacity.

He said: “If demand contines, we will upgrade the event space and allow more suppliers to come.

“It seems there is a lot of demand among agents to end duplication of data entry into different supplier dashboards, and it’s something suppliers seem keen to deliver to agents. It’s looking promising.”

Suppliers – not agents – can register here:


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  1. Bless You

    It should be law that our data held in whatever crm we choose should be made available to a.p.i technology.

    Just because our crm suppliers have no imagination , our data could be telling us So much information it’s crazy so we can learn (a.i. if want to go that far)

    I love stats but getting them out of the system is hard work.

  2. natural_selection

    Publicly available information shows Charlie Wright to have had directorships under at least two names (Charles Lamdin?) that I can see, and presided over a number of failed ventures, including ‘CIELA’.



    1. KByfield04

      A rather odd post ‘natural selection’. Personally I wouldn’t class CIELA as a failed venture but an attempt that did work out- not for any lack of effort from Charlie. If you really research him you will find a guy that has championed independent agency above all else- few can claim to have taken this stance. So what if he has failed- surely that means he’s learned vital lessons so is less likely to make the same mistakes again?! In the US failure is seen as a good thing for this very reason yet, for some reason, in the UK we see this as an eternal fault. If we were only ever allowed to fail at one thing none of us would ever get very far! The manner of your post suggests an alterior motive- maybe you’d like to post under your real name and say what you actually mean.

    2. Property Pundit

      Not this again. We had enough of this cr$p on Friday. Go and take your trouble-making elsewhere thank you.
      And take your sad thumbs down with you too.


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