New work from home option ‘crucial in these trying times’

Just Mortgages, part of Spicerhaart, is launching a new work from home option for experienced brokers.

The option is available for those who have at least two-years mortgage advising experience, and will increase flexibility for those who normally work in a Spicerhaart estate agency branch.

The move will give brokers the option to continue the remote work they have been doing during the pandemic-induced lockdown.

Brokers will still be provided with leads from the estate agency, and they will operate as they would in branch, connecting with the estate agency team via video calls and email.

Those normally based in a branch will still have the option to work from the office if they want to, but this new directive will give them the freedom to choose how they can best deliver for clients.

John Phillips, national operations director, Just Mortgages and Spicerhaart, said: “For brokers who would like more flexibility to manage their own schedules, this decision will be music to their ears. The pandemic has opened up a lot of eyes to the potential of working from home, and we’re really confident this will help our brokers to continue to deliver exceptional service.

“Work life balance is crucial in these trying times, and adding the option for brokers to work where they want gives them the flexibility to interact with clients in the most effective manner. Clients have also given really positive feedback about working with our brokers remotely, and ultimately, that is the most important thing for us.

“There are those who will still want to return to the office, and some will want to conduct meetings in person, and we support the flexibility to decide. The key for us is to empower our brokers to choose the right option for them and the client.”


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One Comment

  1. paulgbar666

    WFH without a dedicated office area is only tenable in the short-term.


    I always noticed that most MP on Zoom seemed to be speaking from their lofts which had bern converted to an office.


    I predict that many more loft conversions will now occur to provide an office or additional bedroom as required.


    This will be very good news for jobbing builders.

    Mortgage lenders will also welcome their properties being improved so much by OO to cause significant uplift in values.


    Of course all such loft extensions remove cheaper properties from the market.


    But WFH provides its own imperative.


    Few can continue to work from the kitchen table.


    Few consumers would have any qualms meeting an adviser in their own home office or shoffice at the end of the garden.

    WFH is here to stay.

    Pandora’s box was opened and WFH is never going back in the box!!


    Eventually there will be hybrid solution that most employers will take.


    This will generally facilitate a work life balance.


    I predict that the millions of sick days currently being taken will massively reduce which will save companies billions.


    If you are under the weather sufficient not to go into the office you can usually manage WFH albeit perhaps in your pyjamas!

    Flexibility will be the key for employers.

    Having flexibility will reap many dividends for enlightened employers.


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