New product is a ‘game changer for estate agents’ – claim

New software has been launched for estate agents that aims to provide an efficient way to collect feedback.

Feedback Enterprise, from the Cumbrian communications specialists SMS Speedway, automates the feedback process so that agents using the service no longer need to call buyers and enter feedback manually after each viewing.

Brad Kieser, chief executive of SMS Speedway, said: “This unique product is a game changer for estate agents. Nothing else comes close.

“We know that agents are under huge time pressure. They don’t have enough people or hours in the day to do what they need to do. Staff tied up on follow-ups is time not spent driving the sales.”

After a client has viewed a property, they receive a text message – or an email or message through WhatsApp, Messenger, or Signal – asking for feedback.

The message contains a link to a web page with the agent’s branding and questions the agent has set. Typically, these might cover price, location, value and presentation. Answers can include star ratings, sliding scales and numerical values, as well as comments.

Feedback Enterprise feeds this data into Reapit’s AgencyCloud CRM where it can be used to prepare reports.  In time, SMS Speedway plans to develop the software to work with other CRMs including bespoke systems.

Kieser continued: “Great data drives great sales and that’s what Feedback Enterprise provides. Not only will it flag up issues with a property, allowing the agent to highlight positives and address any negatives, it can identify recurring issues – on pricing, for example – across an agent’s portfolio.”

“As an agent, it enables you to provide a better service to vendors and buyers. You can use the feedback to help the vendor prepare for their next viewing and get a clearer understanding of what a buyer is looking for.”



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  1. Ric

    Game changer? Stop it…

    Is this a story from 2012 or something?

  2. AJL20

    ‘Claim’… by the manufacturer.

    Have we not learned yet that anything which replaces human interaction and sentiment in this industry is NOT the future. I would argue that detailed feedback and a quality conversation is infinitely more valuable than the time it takes.

  3. Certus

    The sort of tech that purplepricks use!

    Speaking to a viewer builds rapport and and enables us to understand what they want – to bounce to other properties or upsell.

    The telephone is still the best bit of tech!

  4. Howard Star

    blah, blah, blah, blah……………. does it ever stop?

  5. Charlie Lamdin

    So 2008


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