New pre-tenancy platform for agents

Let Alliance has launched a new platform, Vision+, which delivers new pre-tenancy features to UK letting agents.

The release of the new platform forms part of the tenant referencing and specialist insurance provider’s commitment to invest in technology and improve levels of customers service and value generation for letting agents.

The new Vision+ platform, with Pre Tenancy features, is now available to letting agents across the UK.

HomeLet and Let Alliance CEO Andy Halstead said: “As a customer-centric business, our absolute focus is delivering exceptional service. We know that the best experience for our customers needs to blend the extraordinary expertise of our team with innovative technology, which makes our customers lives easier and provides added value to their proposition.

“The launch of the Vision+ platform is part of a significant programme of work that will enhance the technology that supports all of our services, driving innovation for all of our operating brands.”

Andy Halstead

He believes that the pre-tenancy features will help customers save time, improve their user experience and reduce their compliance burden – all on the same platform as our other products and services.

Property management, client accounting, and a move into the property portal space will all follow as Vision+ evolves, according to Halstead.

He continued: “We’re continually investing back into our business, with a clear focus on the continual optimisation of the service we provide. As a people-first business, the improvements we’re driving through technology will enhance our proposition. Still, we know that the complete automation of services like Pre-Tenancy and Tenant Referencing would fundamentally lead to poor service for our customers.

“We listened to our customers, who asked us for the new Pre-Tenancy services, and we included customers in the project. We’ve seen exceptional growth in the past 12 months through new and returning customers. The unparalleled service our team provides to our customers is what makes us genuinely market-leading; the launch of Vision+ will only add to the value we’re able to provide for letting agents.”


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  1. Woodentop

    This is an add and would have more belief if it was a review by an independent industry party.


    Surely this is what EYE should be considering. See more and more ‘adds’ with little investigating journalism for readers to assess the claims.

    1. Robert_May

      There is a big and powerful strategic  skirmish shaping up. This is news once you understand the Rightmove/Van Mildert combo designed to make Rightmove more palatable with letting agents and  add a strapping to their Achilles heel is a going to belly  with Let Alliance’s business model.


      This is Andy Halstead reacting to a threat and because of the weight of backing he has it is significant.

      1. Woodentop

        My point is, a story that really says nothing.
        The new Vision+ platform, with Pre Tenancy features, is now available to letting agents across the UK.
        What features, how will it works for letting agents, pro’s and con’s for example. Jewhizz Andy I’m pressed to hear nothing!

  2. Andy Halstead

    Hi Woodentop, you are right, it is an advert really. Given that we have outfits announcing when they win a customer, I thought we had better start playing the game. The real news is……… we are about to make a move into the property management and client accounting software space. We are also developing a specialist lettings portal for our customers. Game on! as they say

    1. Woodentop

      If its launched, why the secrecy? No need to answer but I’m sure you get it.

    2. Bosky

      You mean like ARPM?


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