New portal leads management tool offers huge ‘potential’, says agent

Nock Deighton has launched a portal lead management tool that has already attracted a number of other agents, including Miles & Barr, Bradleys, and Goodchilds.

The portal lead management platform, which automatically pre-qualifies every letting lead from either phone or email, has been developed by Nock Deighton, which has seven branches across the West Midlands, and website provider, Leon Blair of iSEV. Subscription to the new the website starts from £19.99 per month.

Michael Nettleton, chairman of Nock Deighton, commented: “We are excited to announce the formal launch of Agent Response. To date, it has made a huge difference to our core business and revolutionised our front and lettings in particular

“At the peak of lockdown, my teams were simply drowning in poor quality lettings lead by both the telephone and email.

“Last month alone, one office had 1,500 rental leads from just 10 available listings. It was simply unsustainable on every level and we decided to do something about it.

“It was only when a number of my friends in the industry approach me to build the same tool for themselves as well that I truly grasp the potential of Agent Response.”


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  1. SamH

    Well done, Mike and team

    1. Michael Nettleton

      Thanks Sam. Couldn’t have done it without you

  2. Robert_May

    According to their own hype  and averaging out their incredulous (hope that’s the right word, Julian is one one today) claims the portals apparently   have 60,000 leads per activity centre per month, that’s 60,000 enquiries for my village  (4 agents here qualifying it as an activity centre) another 60,000 for Ilfracombe, 60,000 for Barnstaple, 60K Bideford, 60k Torrington. Mad and mental numbers. There  obviously aren’t those volumes so  I built a  means to measure traffic in a meaningful way  (per property)

    What I discovered explains the need for systems like this and I congratulate Nock Deighton on their innovation… however portals  swamping agents with WOFT leads is counter productive. It might support the portals’ marketing hype that  traffic is  the only thing that counts but generating 332 average leads for a single tenancy  or sale ( measured numbers) is bonkers.


    Something has to change, on top of the cost of the portals here is another £20 (bargain BTW) that has to be spent resolving a problem that should  and could be resolved at portal level

    1. David Lee Roberts


    2. Michael Nettleton

      Thanks Robert
      You are absolutely right.
      It’s the rental leads that have the crazy numbers. All sorted now though. 
      On the flip side in sales, quality/quantity is pretty good accross the board to be fair. Focus for us here is winkling out referral opportunities. One (rural) office got 83 fs leads last month alone

  3. Bryan Mansell

    I have had the pleasure of seeing this in action. Well done to Michael and the team great tool for agents.

    1. Michael Nettleton

      Most kind Brian. Big fan of what you are doing and means a lot coming from you.


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