New Housing Secretary of State criticised for ‘worst’ performance during radio interview

Oh dear. Our new Housing Secretary does not seem to have made a very impressive start judging by yesterday’s performance on the Today programme.

To be fair, Robert Jenrick was being interviewed (or ‘skewered’ as one critic put it) by the formidable John Humphrys.

Nevertheless it didn’t go down well with the audience.

Jenrick was asked by Humphrys if he supported Boris Johnson’s choice of wording when he said there was a “terrible collaboration going on between people who think they can block Brexit in parliament and our European friends”.

The problem with the word ‘collaboration’ is that it is strongly associated with supporters of the Nazis.

Indeed, three years ago Johnson provoked criticism when he accused the EU of having the “same goal as Hitler in wanting to create an European super-state”.

So did Jenrick support Johnson’s use of ‘collaboration’?

We may never know.

The irritated Humphrys asked the question three times without getting an answer. He gave it a fourth go, to which Jenrick replied: “I’m explaining the prime minister’s words, which I 100% support.”

There remain sceptics as to whether this really did answer the question.

Former Sun editor David Yelland tweeted: “That interview with Robert Jenrick was one of the worst performances of any Brexit minister.”

Labour MP Barry Sheerman said: “I can’t remember a worse performance by a minister as Robert Jenrick struggles to cope with the simplest question.”


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  1. Millicent Bystander

    Why did you delete my comment? Is PIE turning into the BBC?

  2. Will2

    Why does it matter housing ministers have a short shelf- life perhaps 6 months or less if the last few years have shown us anything.

  3. frostieclaret87

    I enjoy reading this newsletter every day but this has to be the most pointless article. Of course, the guy is never going to criticise his boss. Typical  Radio 4 approach to divisive politics and a key reason they are haemorrhaging listeners. Focus on the brief not the noise please PIE!

  4. Will2

    Like the word Rogue is now associated with landlord thanks to the brainwashing politicians and certain charities.

  5. AgencyInsider

    I just listened to it and Jenrick really did not perform well. If he is what we have to put up with as a Housing Minister for the next five minutes, or however short a time he lasts, then it does not bode particularly well.

  6. LandlordsandLetting

    It sounds to me like John Humphrys was just bullying him like an errant grandson – just wait until Robert’s mum hears about this, I’m sure she have a thing or two to say to Mr Humphrys.

  7. Woodentop

    I’ve stopped watching and listening to these programmes … my blood no longer boils watching presenters with a set agenda to go OTT with politicians, constantly interrupting when they don’t get the golden damming answer they want to hear.


    It stopped being investigating journalism when Blair appeared on the scene with “Spin doctors” and evolved into “a set-up” witch hunt, getting worse as the years went by = politicians are afraid to stand up and say anything that can be used against them and we get wishy washy answers. That’s not to say they shouldn’t be put under pressure but who doesn’t know which presenters and programmes are non-political biased?


    The only politician today who will stand up and say his peace … Boris, even if you don’t agree with his views. As to Europe, there is some merit, you can’t get anywhere without Germany agreeing and with only their interests at the forefront.

  8. PossessionFriendUK39

    What’s the P.M’s words on E.U, ****’s or Brexit got to do with Housing  ?


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