New floorplans service claims to be accurate to millimetre

A new floorplans service which has been trialled by agents including JLL and Hunters over the last year is being launched to the wider market.

It promises to be extremely accurate, measured to the last millimetre, using industrial survey hardware from Leica. All the measuring is done by an RICS surveyor.

As well as floorplans, the ‘Spec’ package launched by spatial technology firm Pupil includes professional photography, plus 360 degree and Virtual Reality products.

Robin Wilson, Pupil managing director in the UK, whose CV includes a short spell as chief operating officer at easyProperty after over 13 years at Rightmove, said that Spec has been especially designed to give residential agents a one-stop shop at an affordable price.

Wilson said: “Once an agent wins an instruction, they can place the order with us, and one of our RICS certified professional digital surveyors will visit the property.

“Unlike old fashioned sketch plans, this is not a superficial point and click process, and the surveyor will take two to three hours to carry out a rigorous digital survey of each property.

“We guarantee a 24-hour turnaround on assets once the capture is complete, and if we don’t achieve this delivery, we will offer it for free.”

Wilson describes the Spec package as using the very latest technology, with results being “much more detailed and really, really accurate”.

The system uses advanced 3D cameras that capture millions of data points per property.

Wilson told EYE that “it is too early” to say that 3D products and virtual tours are seen as must-haves by agents and consumers, but added: “Our agents are reporting that they are winning them instructions.”

He said that using 360 degree photography and Virtual Reality tours can help save wasted viewings.

“Another advantage is that staff can familiarise themselves with the property without having to disturb the occupants.”

Spec costs range from £49 to £149, with the average being £99 per property. Agents pay as they go, but also pay a subscription, which works out to £99 per month.

Wilson said that this upgrade gives detailed analytics – for example, how many people have ‘viewed’ each room in the property and how long they spend looking at it.

Spec is being launched in a market with a number of strong and established competitors.

However, Wilson says that an advantage for agents using Spec is that they neither have to buy any technology, and nor do their staff have to learn how to use systems.

Feedback from the agents who have trialled Spec has been enthusiastic.

JLL’s associate director Emma Deeney described it as embodying a “contemporary solution to the way that technology can improve customer experience”.

Brett MacDougall of Hunters described it as “very forward thinking”.

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  1. smile please

    Nothing new here. Been doing this last few years with a Matterport camera.

    1. Mark Walker

      How are you finding the Matterport tech?

      I have always coveted Chris’s 3d floorplan displays.

      1. smile please

        Don’t know whats happening today but this is my third attempt at a reply.

        Tech Fantastic,

        Company an acquired taste.

        Being this side of the ‘Pond’ we are a little forgotten about unlike our American cousins.

        It is a brilliant instruction winner and the camera allows you to produce VR tours, walkthroughs, 4k quality stills and the ability to get millimeter perfect floor plans.

        Not cheap but worth it, feel free to DM me on twitter if you have questions or start a thread in the Arena.


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