NAEA and ARLA tell agents to offer virtual viewings in ‘difficult months ahead’

NAEA and ARLA Propertymark have urged agents to offer video or 360-degree viewings during the coronavirus pandemic, and to plan for the long term.

The trade bodies have made a series of recommendations for members to follow.

On viewings, Propertymark said: “Offer 360-degree viewings, or if you do not have the infrastructure in place, offer to show properties via video call or recorded film.”

It urges agents to ensure staff remember to wash their hands, don’t share phones and alert others if they feel unwell.

Door handles, handrails, phones and desks should be cleaned regularly and agents should look out for vulnerable clients, NAEA Propertymark said.

It also recommends postponing rental property inspections where possible or providing disposable gloves for inventory providers and property managers and checking the standard of cleaning between tenancies.

Mark Hayward, chief executive of NAEA Propertymark, and David Cox, chief executive of ARLA Propertymark, said: “It’s vital that agents continue to uphold the highest standards and follow best practice for their clients when undertaking valuations, viewings, inspections, maintenance and cleaning.

“Agents should remain transparent with their clients and maintain their compliance with the Consumer Protection Regulations.

“It’s important to be sensible, reasonable and think of what others might need during this period – particularly those who are more vulnerable.

“The Government is predicting that coronavirus will impact us for months so agencies need to plan for the long term and think carefully about business continuity.”

Covid 19 checklist


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  1. smile please

    Some mind blowing advice there, where would we be without them?

  2. surrey1

    Who is going to buy a house based on a virtual viewing?

    1. The Property Jungle

      The actual answer to that question is two-fold.

      Firstly the squaddie in Afghanistan who for obvious reasons could not come home. Virtually shown around and bought.

      The wife who was too ill to physically visit a property. Her husband did and she “virtually” accompanied him round talking to him on mobile phones. They bought it.

      Overseas tenants regularly whittle down their choices for when they do get to arrive.

      Student accommodation is massively benefited by showing the choices and remotely selecting. Parents at a distance feel much happier too.

      So lots of real use case examples where transactions have been enabled by this technology.

      Secondly, used wisely it eliminates viewings that should never have happened. It reduces avoidable human contact in today’s tricky times. It allows people to narrow a list of properties to the one or two they really want to see.

      In short it allows you to do more with less whilst being virus safe. All upside benefits.

  3. Property Poke In The Eye

    Let’s face it, no ones going to be buying anything unless it’s at a bargain price.   Buyers in a chain are already playing the wait and see game.

  4. smile please

    Let me do propertymark’s job for them with some real advice to small businesses.


    If you have nil business rates due to your rateable value less than 12k and have small businesses relief.


    You are entitled to a 3k grant from your local council.


    Should help you cover a couple of staffs wages this month.

    1. AgentQ73

      I’ve not seen anything anywhere about how you get it/apply for it. Any pointers ?

      1. smile please 


        Hopefully gets through the PIE filter, its a government website.



        1. purplepatchy

          Thank you very much sir, I had no idea about this and I had read through the budget last week. Applied for.

        2. AgentQ73

          Thanks for that smile, I cant see how we apply for it, sorry if I am being thick.

          1. smile please

            Down to the individual authority. Best call them and ask for their procedure.

            1. AgentQ73

              You Sir have been more help than all our trade bodies combined. Thanks you.

              1. smile please

                i try 😉

  5. htsnom79

    Sweet Jesus mother of Mary and all her little wizards, wtf ? Is the best they can come up with some sort of StreetView on a 3 bed mid?

    Well done smile please for some practical, actionable advice.. Tough times 🙁

  6. J1

    The reality is that there can be no sensible advice at the moment that will help Estate Agents to survive this who don’t have deep pockets or the ability to cut costs very quickly.

    The first job of any CEO

    Turn off portal spend – get RM to halve it’s fees, not tomorrow, today!!!!

    Turn off recruitment.

    Say goodbye to all of your mates who have recently joined PB they won’t be earning a penny for a fair while.

    Look after your staff as best you can but be mindful of how you send them to clients houses.  It’s madness to put them in harms way on purpose / they may refuse / they may sue you if they contract the disease.

    Get hold of your bank and see how they can help.

    This is just reality; not doom mongering………nobody with any sense will want put their house on sale and have strangers traipsing around it.



    1. BenNorthEast62

      Has anyone had luck with the Rightmove point?

      1. PeeBee

        Hi BenNorthEast62

        If you have time, could you return to the “Listings” thread on The Arena?  You left in mid-conversation – I thought I’d huffed you when you seemed to disappear from posting!


  7. International

    The general public/normal owner occupier buyer will not buy unseen, so whilst virtual technology is very nice, it won’t help the cash flow, which will fall through the floor in the months ahead.

  8. PeeBee

    ‘Mark Hayward, chief executive of NAEA Propertymark, and David Cox, chief executive of ARLA Propertymark, said… “Agents should remain transparent with their clients and maintain their compliance with the Consumer Protection Regulations.” ‘
    What the chuff has that got to do with the current situation?  With anything NAEA-related, in fact?
    They’ve been turning a blind eye to their “Members” p!ssing all over CPRs, BPRs, EAA1979 – and any other industry Legislation you care to mention for years…

    1. Ostrich17

      Perhaps they think “Consumer Protection Regulations” cover virus transmission !!

  9. watchdog13

    It is likely that the government will drastically up the support for business in the coming days.

    In the meantime, withhold PAYE and VAT payments , it is likely that there will be reasonable slack given. Speak to your landlord asap and see if they are trying to get a mortgage holiday and can they help you with a break or reduction. Its not that they will have anyone to replace you.

    Be open with staff, this is not just your business it everyones. Can they afford to the a cut? ( catch up once things are back to normal)

    Be open with clients, its a nightmare out there but things will come back.


    One thing to remember, people are naturally optimistic otherwise we would never get out of bed. If you are upfront with people they will respond positively.

    Best wishes to all.

  10. GPL

    Take a bow smileplease ……..offering helpful advice with no self-serving motive. I shake your hand “Virtually” …….bearing in mind current advice.        
    The Motto for Our Industry in 2020?
    “ Rightmove have shown Our Industry NO RESPECT ……’s time that we reciprocated ”


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