Mark Hayward retires as Propertymark chief policy adviser

Mark Hayward

Propertymark has announced that chief policy advisor, Mark Hayward, will retire at the end of the year.

This is the second time in 14 months that Hayward, who has been with Propertymark since 2013, has announced that he is to retire from Propertymark, having previously stepped down as the organisation’s chief executive. However, he put his retirement on hold at the end of last year to take on a new role of chief policy advisor.

Throughout his time at Propertymark, Hayward has built strong relationships across the industry and government providing evidence to parliamentary committees and shaping policy on key government working groups.

The organisation is now looking to find candidates suitable to lead the organisation’s policy and campaign focus.

Hayward commented: “I’ve been with Propertymark for eight years and although my retirement is in sight, I will first be helping to recruit our new Chief Policy Officer and settle them into the role for a seamless transition. I’m incredibly proud of the work myself and my team have done and our achievements for the sector, we are looking for the very best candidates to continue the momentum we have within housing policy.”

The advertisement states that this role will be a high-profile role with the new Officer supporting CEO Nathan Emerson.

Emerson said: “Mark has been instrumental in the evolution of Propertymark, he has built a talented policy team, created powerful relationships, helped to secure positive changes throughout the industry for agents and supported us to navigate change.

“The organisation is in a strong and solid place, and it’s this stability which means now is the right time for Mark to enjoy his retirement. We wish him all the best and will now be on the hunt for someone to look after his legacy and develop it further.”


Mark Hayward puts retirement on hold


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  1. Robert_May

    Thank you for your service Mr. Hayward and thank you for turning  a role that when he took it on was a job no-one really wanted, a ‘hiding to nothing’ job into  senior and influential career move that should, this time round, be of interest to a very capable candidate.
    Thank you Mark for doing what you’ve done and for putting up  with everything that brought with it.  

  2. jan - byers

    Pointless organisation of mutual backslappers and pontificators

    1. Robert_May

      who have the ear of government on one of the most significant social and  economic aspects of  the United Kingdom ; the homes we live in, the land our homes are built on and the policies for building property to house the population.


      You can paint Propertymark  how you like Jan, the reality is they have influence in high places

    2. Scottish_Mist42

      When I see comments like this it always reminds me of Mark Twain’s quote ‘It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.’

  3. Terry H

    What a spiteful comment to put on the announcement of someone leaving the industry after a long career doing his best to improve our profession’s standards and image. Enjoy your well deserved retirement Mark.

    1. Robert_May

      Please don’t think there is any spite in my comment. Mark put himself up for a job that at the time  no-one wanted because of what NAEA  HAD become. He took a bargepole job. I am congratulating for what has been achieved not saying anything against his ability at the time.

      The people who shied away last time round won’t and don’t need to this time


  4. Burn red tape

    Please face facts. Mark has been vertysuccessful in acheiving what he and others wanted, not what is wanted by members when they are hit with the resukts!! In my view the NAEA has changed from a membershp body for estate agents to a training business, traning in the main how to take on board red tape. Thus Government love Mark and his team. Our Clients, our staff now run two businesses, one estate agency, the other red tape, which is increasing as each day goes by. As one senior London Hospital Consuatnt rtold me, ‘there is a new killer cancer in the western world that no Doctor will ever cure – red tape as it is loved and created  by politicians A gentle reminder of how dangerous this cnacer is – an assured shorthold letting agreement was four A4 pages long years ago, it is now over thirty pages long…………….then think of all the newly thought of penalties both Landlords and Agents face if they get a word or action wrong. I would love Mark to now work for a year in a busy estates agents offcie and at the end of the year, put his hand on his heart and say -I made not one error! Long life and great happiness in your retirement Mark,  

    1. Malcolm Egerton

      ‘I made not one error’ – just a positive shedload of typos. You do know there’s an edit function?


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