Mark Hayward puts retirement on hold

The chief executive of Propertymark, Mark Hayward, is to postpone his retirement and take on a new role of chief policy advisor at the organisation, supporting members across all divisions.

Mark Hayward

Hayward has been chief executive of the estate agent’s division of Propertymark for seven years, having previously been a board member and chair of the board for four years.

During his tenure he has been instrumental in the creation and establishment of the Propertymark brand, with its emphasis on consumer protection and the need for a single voice to represent the interests of the property industry.

Hayward has represented members across a huge range of issues to both government and the media, most recently advocating for business rate relief for estate agents and the inclusion of commission within furlough calculations to support members impacted by Covid-19.

He has long called for sector regulation and was an integral part of the Regulation of Property Agents Working Group, which was formed by MHCLG and chaired by Lord Best, to advise government on how to make regulation of property agents a reality.

Hayward will now support the new CEO Tim Balcon to restructure the policy and external affairs activities and ensure the different disciplines across Propertymark are represented equally and effectively across the UK.

Tim Balcon, CEO of Propertymark, commented: “I am delighted that Mark has agreed to stay on for a further 12 months, this will ensure continuity of support to our members at this unprecedented time.

“Mark’s experience will be invaluable in the transformation programme and will give us time to ensure we get the right calibre and experience within the team to build on our work with industry partners, stakeholders and authorities across the UK.”

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  1. AlwaysAnAgent

    A great move. Mark is very well respected and a steady pair of hands.

  2. Taliesin84

    Bad move. New brooms should sweep clean!

  3. frostieclaret87

    Pointless organisation with pointless branding and absolutely zero benefit to agents. Great though for those who benefit from the members funds for as long as they can.

  4. Richard Copus

    Sensible move.  Mark has a good track record and is the only person left in Propertymark’s hierachy who has been actively involved in the Association for over 30 years and appreciates the importance of members  –  which many of the new Board say they do but actually don’t.  Propertymark has been a successful organisation which has influenced Government over the years to the benefit of estate and letting agents and is criticised mainly by people who dislike professionalism and regulation.  It certainly has its faults, but by encompassing NAEA, ARLA and NAVA  it can speak for a large number involved in residential property.  

  5. Breaking Dad

    Great, another ARLA dinosaur still fending off extinction.  Anyone on the board not grey or bald?  Have you seen this years ARLA President?  She’s a wet weekend in Wales alright.

  6. kent_daniel1

    Agents represent Propertymark but Propertymark does not represent agents!! Other than charging for courses and subscription fees what do they really do for us agents other than lobbying government for more regulation so they secure their own existence. Time for a new trade association for agents that represents actual agents working in the industry at present not retired ones trying to earn a living from active ones working their socks off!

    1. AlwaysAnAgent

      Why do you continue paying for something you dislike so vehemently?


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