Majority of estate agencies will ask customers and staff to wear face masks

Most estate agencies in England will this morning ask customers and staff to continue wearing face masks in the office and on viewings despite the easing of coronavirus safety restrictions.

From today it is no longer mandatory for people to wear masks in shops in England. However, a new poll finds that the majority of agents are in favour of continuing to wear a face covering in the office or while on property viewings and valuations.

Some 356 readers responded to a Property Industry Eye survey over the weekend which sought to find out whether agents will continue to wear face masks, and expect the same of their clients.

The poll found that 60% of agents will still require face coverings for staff and visitors in branch.

Meanwhile, 70% of respondents will require face coverings for staff as well as home owners and applicants on property valuation and viewings.

Mask wearing continues to be mandatory in offices in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Whether or not estate agents continue to wear masks, it is important to note that all companies must carry out health and safety risk assessments, provide adequate ventilation and turn away those with coronavirus symptoms.

After July 19th will you require face coverings for staff and visitors in branch?


After 19th July will you require face coverings for staff and home owners/applicants on vals and viewings?



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  1. AlwaysAnAgent

    Keir Starmer hit the nail on the head when he warned of a “summer of chaos and confusion”.

    I have lost count of the emails I have received from business informing me of their COVID policies as of today. 100 businesses equals 100 slightly different COVID policies. Welcome to Freedom Day.

    1. JonnyBanana43

      Only confusing because Nicola Sturgeon and Sadiq Khan are trying to score political points… Why should he say facemasks on the tube are compulsory…?  Is Transport for London within the jurisdiction of the mayor OR the Prime Minister? To be fair, if I was to go on the tube I would certainly wear face mask… Even if they are useless! That is my choice – and it should not be turned into a political game    

  2. JonnyBanana43

    Last time I checked, I was an estate agent, not a Professor of infectious diseases, but –

    I’m young and fit, with two jabs. I’m welcoming the day I can go into a shops etc WITHOUT a useless bit of cloth covering my mouth.

    It is a different story when on valuations; if the home owner wants me to wear a mask, then of course I will. They own the house and it is their prerogative.

    All of my team are grateful not to wear masks in the office now – and as it is no longer the law, none of them will be doing so.

    Why do people always think they know better than the team of expert government scientists and experts who have been in their field for decades…?

    1. AgencyInsider

      Why do people always think they know better than the team of expert government scientists and experts who have been in their field for decades…?

      The irony of that statement is that Johnson and his bunch of corrupt incompetent cronies think they DO know better than scientists and experts. That is why they are ignoring the scientific advice from around the world not to remove all Covid restrictions at this time.


      1. JonnyBanana43

        I understand now, you are a Tory hater. 
        Yes, I’m sure “Sir” Kier Starmer, Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott would’ve done a better job. So much of this pandemic hasn’t been about politics, yet everybody always need someone to blame. 

        1. AgencyInsider

          Why do you assume that a profound dislike of this rotten Administration means a) I am a ‘Tory hater’ and b) I would welcome the other lot.
          You are completely wrong on both counts.

    2. jsmcr

      Haven’t the experts recommend the continued use of masks and distancing though? It really isn’t much of an imposition and if it helps to avoid another person catching the virus then you, as a human, should be in support.

      Also, have you given it any thought that some of your team might be anxious but want to toe the party line?

      I employ 10 staff, some with underlying health issues who are very high risk. I’m doing everything I can to make sure they’re not put at unnecessary risk.

      Please don’t be selfish.

      1. JonnyBanana43

        Lots of assumptions in there…
        My point is a legal one – from today you are no longer obliged to wear masks… People should not be given a hard time if they choose to wear them…or not.

      2. PossessionFriendUK39

        Not even the maddest of Covidiots  would want the Labour party in charge.

        I think that the Govt should relax measures ,  where appropriate  (  that’s  Relax  and Adjust  –  not do away with completely. )

        One thing I think almost everyone will agree with,  is we have to find a way  ( and there will be disagreements on what ‘way’  that is  )  to live and economically thrive with this virus.

        We must find a way to stop the virus closing our economy and liveley-hoods down,  whatever that takes,  be is  jabs,  masks,  some distance restriction, or Vaccination passports.

        Those against vaccination passports ain’t going to be going abroad anytime soon.

    3. Bosky

      JonnyBanana43, you said – “Why do people always think they know better than the team of expert government scientists and experts who have been in their field for decades…?
      You then go on to say – “a useless bit of cloth covering my mouth.”  
      Clearly you seem to no better than expert Government scientists!

  3. Robert_May

    I think most intelligent, responsible adults will do what they need to do to protect themselves, theirs  and their businesses and will turn a death ear  to those critical of  sensible precautions.

    The intelligent, responsible adults  who think otherwise can now carry on as they please,  let’s hope they do so quietly.

  4. Ric

    I’ve told my lot… if they insist on pulling faces at timewasters they defo need to keep a mask on! oh stop it.

  5. anon-mon73

    No masks since Monday. Asked h to e staff they said they didn’t want them either (they have been using them loss over the last week anyway).

    Still feels strange to go into a shop without a sign demanding a mask


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