Major city gets set to ban ‘eyesore’ of letting boards

‘To Let’ boards could be banned across the whole of Manchester.

City councilors have agreed to work up plans for a pilot voluntary scheme. If the voluntary scheme does not work, there could be an outright ban.

Around one-third of homes in Manchester are privately rented.

Cllr Rosa Battle, who has responsibility for the environment, said: “The high concentration of these signs in some areas of the city creates an unsightly blot on the landscape and can be a real eyesore for local residents.

“In addition, the signs may help identify properties rented by students, seen by criminals as easy targets.

“Many of the signs remain in place all year round despite properties being tenanted and only serve as advertising for rental companies.”

There are already bans on letting boards in other places, including Westminster.

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  1. Headache

    Excellent idea

  2. Bless You

    commercial boards  should be banned as well.. Why do they need to be as big as the buildings they are on? Especially when they make high streets look desperate as well.

  3. Beano

    Just ban all boards and lets be done with it eh?


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