London Mayor labels government reforms to private rented sector as ‘unambitious’

The Government has come under criticism from the Mayor of London for “cherry picking” solutions to rental market reform.

Speaking at the Westminster Legal Policy Forum, Vicky Pearlman, senior policy and projects officer, in the private rented sector team at the Greater London Authority, said the Government was falling short on pledges to reform the market.

Pearlman said the Mayor’s office supported proposals to scrap Section 21 but said more needs to be done to redress the balance of power between landlords and tenants.

Pearlman reiterated the Mayor’s housing strategy, launched last year, which calls for the end of Section 21 eviction notices but also suggests a new possession ground to allow a landlord to sell a property, which would require four months’ notice.

The strategy also proposes a landlord should pay tenants a relocation payment worth one month’s rent in the event of a “no fault’ eviction.

Pearlman said: “The Mayor is concerned the Government has cherry picked solutions and patched them together

“We welcome the intentions to increase security for tenants but there is a concern that this is unambitious.”


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  1. kittygirl06

    Just keep bashing the landlords and soon none will be left.

    How about proper justice for all the landlords that has lost thousands throu trashed property and rent arrears?

    Instead of justice landlords have to wait months and months with no rent for the court to eventually grant possession.

    Then you get the likes of shelter and C advice supporting these tenants


  2. LandlordsandLetting

    This is all pretty par for the course, but I think the recent proposal by one unnamed government minister to allow defaulting landlords to be tied to a stake and beaten with wet rolled up copies of The Guardian is really too harsh.

  3. Woodentop

    Vicky Pearlman & Co need work experience in the lettings industry before they start telling people how to run an industry. Maybe she  should start with the SHS and see what reaction she gets from her colleagues.

  4. jeremy1960

    More drivel spouted by the Mayor’s office. If they spent less time trying to demonise and eliminate the PRS and more time on making London’s streets safer perhaps they would be taken seriously but they don’t so they won’t. How long before this waste of time/oxygen mayor is replaced with someone who speaks common sense?


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