Lettings firm which offers free listings on Rightmove and Zoopla launches repairs service

A lettings service which offers landlords free listings on Rightmove and Zoopla has launched a new service which includes guaranteed rent and repairs.

Howsy – which used to be called NoAgent – is calling its new product Howsy Protect.

It says it is designed for landlords for whom the “day to day heavy lifting was just the start of their problems”.

As well as guaranteed rent it covers most repairs, with a handyman service undertaking the work. Specialist, qualified technicians are used where necessary, for example for appliances, boilers  and pests.

In addition, a Rightmove premium listing comes as standard, and users have a dedicated account manager.

The new product costs £90 per month, or £115 in London.

Calum Brannun, CEO and founder of Howsy, said: “While the Howsy platform makes day to day life easier, we realised there were still a few areas that weighed heavily on the mind of landlords.

“What if my renters don’t pay the rent?

“What if they damage the house? How will I find another renter quickly? Who can I talk to about it?

“With Howsy Protect, they don’t have this stress. We’ll make sure their rent is paid on time, we’ll help fix any damage and foot the bill, and we’ll help find a renter quickly with a Rightmove premium listing.”

Howsy rebranded from NoAgent last July and claims to have over 55,000 users across the UK.

Its charges range from free – essentially tenant-find via listings on Rightmove and Zoopla – to £35 a month (£65 in London) for a fully managed service.

A spokesperson for Howsy said of the free Rightmove and Zoopla package: “There’s obviously a cost incurred by Howsy but this isn’t passed on to the landlord.”

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  1. Cheshire Agent

    According to their website this service can save a landlord £5,096 per annum compared to a normal agent. This on a two bed flat at £475 per month. Rather fanciful I suggest and no terms or conditions available on the website. Elsewhere they advertise a zero deposit for a “fee” of £15 per month. Not sure how that will stack up in three weeks time? Interestingly when asked for a copy of terms and conditions they told me it wasn’t available yet. When challenged as to why advertise it, they merely claimed it was for the benefit of future tenants.   Once again I ask the question does PIE ever perform any element of due diligence before parroting the often farcical claims of new entrants?

    1. seenitall

      Howsy works then when I put into their calculator as to how much I would save   £1000 rent elsewhere at 0% commission I could still save £420    –    wow like they will give me £420 !!  amazing.   https://www.howsy.com/landlord-savings/   Perhaps Howsy would like to clarify if their calculator is correct?   Whats Howsy company number?  that is required to be displayed by law on their website but I cant find it.    

      1. Estate Agent W1


        You didn’t look hard enough then seenitall as it is on their About Us page https://www.howsy.com/about/ 

        And for ease a link to companies house for you https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/08845607  




        1. seenitall

          Thank you !


          Any clue as to the Savings calculator?


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