Letting agent awaits sentencing after pleading guilty to running a brothel

A man and woman have pleaded guilty to managing a brothel during an appearance at Luton Crown Court.

Sunil Mehta, 42, of Hemel Hempstead, and Graziela McNamee, 40, of Kings Langley, ran a brothel at a flat in Apsley, between June 1, 2016, and April 5, 2017.

Their arrests were the result of a proactive investigation by Hertfordshire Constabulary which culminated in a number of warrants in April 2017.

Mehta is further charged with two counts of fraud. He also pleaded guilty to these offences in court.

They relate to him using a fake persona under the name Steve Denton so that he could rent the flat from his own letting company. He also claimed back a single person occupancy allowance from Dacorum Borough Council.

They will both be sentenced at Luton Crown Court in June.

According to Companies House, a director called Sunil Mehta has directorships with a number of property companies in Hemel Hempstead.

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  1. DASH94

    We had a flat on our books a few years ago where the same sort of thing was happening.  Shut it down very quickly


    On that  basis I was going to type  ‘Let’s face it  we’ve all been there’, but that would have sounded wrong.  🙂

  2. fluter

    The Letting Agency is called Surelet so I wonder what the brothel was called?????

  3. surrey1

    One way of overcoming the tenant fee ban, although not one I’d previously considered.

  4. GPL


    “PROactive??? investigation”


    I’m still laughing!




  5. Lil Bandit

    Sickening, the world has become so immoral!!!


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