Landlords’ Barometer #81 Impact of Covid-19 still dominating discussions

Welcome to the May edition of the  “Landlords Barometer” – where the impact of Covid19 on the private rented sector is still dominating our  discussions.

In response to the deluge of questions and landlords needing support,  Property Tribes set up a “CoronaVirus Advice” category in partnership with the NRLA to curate all discussion, guidance, and advice in one place.

Here are the most viewed topics of the past month:

1.  BTL could cause post-Covid19 property crash

This discussion attracted over 95 comments to date.

2.  “Bounce Back” Loans for property investors?

Confusion reigned as it is not clear whether these BB loans apply to landlords.

Some say they do, others say they don’t.

My personal belief is that landlords do not qualify due to the 50% trading condition.

3.  Still buying in current Covid19 conditions?

Landlords discuss whether they should still be buying during the crisis.

4.  LHA/UC through a Covid19 lens

In this zoom interview, I talk to LHA/UC expert Bill Irvine on how the  benefits system has been fairing through the crisis.

We were delighted to receive a tweet from Neil Couling, Director General of the DWP, thanking us for acknowledging the hard work of DWP staff during the crisis!

5.  7 metrics all landlords should be tracking

Landlords need to understand how their portfolios are performing and they can do this by tracking 7 key metrics.

6.  Telegraph – 80,000 Landlords fear bankruptcy

More media doom and gloom!

Property Tribes news:

On 11th May Property Tribes was pleased to announce a partnership with portfolio management software, Lendlord.

PropertyTribes announces collab with Lendlord




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