If you haven’t got a facemask, use the pink tartan doggy coat…

EYE has been contacted by an agent who is finding that pretty much anything will do by way of a facemask these days.

We have been sticking to the rules with face coverings when conducting viewings. 

When booking in viewings, all applicants are told that they will need face coverings and ideally gloves. 

They then receive a text or email to confirm the viewing and remind them that they will not be allowed in without a face covering.  It should be simple.

The most common feedback from applicants is that other agents are not bothering – that’s a different story!

As you might expect, we’ve several people turn up without. 

We usually have a couple of spare disposable masks in the car, so we are generally able to help out.

That said, there have been a couple of occasions where we haven’t had disposable masks with us and the applicants have resorted to whatever they can find in the car. 

My wife showed a couple around where the husband had forgotten his mask. 

He wore his baby daughter’s pink, sparkly cardigan around his face.  Apparently, his wife commented that “she couldn’t take the viewing seriously when he looked like that”!

Possibly the most ingenious was my applicant that used his dog’s coat.  It fastened relatively well around his face, so did work. 

I’m dubious about the health benefits of wrapping dog’s clothing around your face, but the most difficult part of the viewing was trying to have a serious conversation with someone who is sporting a pink tartan doggy coat around their face.

I suspect other agents will have had similar experiences?

 I’m guessing that there will be some instances where people have used their socks, bra or worse?  

Readers may share their experiences by way of comments below…


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