How many agents have signed up to Boomin’s paid-for model?

Since its launch just over a year ago, Boomin has built its momentum on the basis of offering agents free use of the platform and claimed earlier this year to have 8,000 agents on board.

However, agents have been required to pay to list properties on the platform since the start of April, and this has inevitably left many people wondering how many companies have signed up as paying customers.

Would the 8,000 agents get on board with paying for the platform or would they simply leave?

Although the free period finished on 1 April 2022, it is still not clear what the uptake from paying agents looks like, despite a request from EYE at the end of March.

Instead of providing solid indications of how successfully the move to the paid-for model is going, Boomin has only drip-fed a list of paying agents 10 or 20 at a time over the past few weeks, with the latest batch unveiled this week, as part of yet another tightly controlled public relations campaign.

In a clear bid to boost take-up, Boomin is keen to point out that agents will receive free shares in the platform if they sign-up “to ensure that they benefit from its growing success”.

Michael Bruce, CEO and founder, commented: “Agents signed to the Boomin platform will benefit from a win-win, with the ability to secure new customers with the offer of a superior customer experience and earn more money through the platform than they pay over in fees.”


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  1. OverratedAgent

    My patch has 804 properties for sale on Rightmove


    My patch has 52 properties for sale on Boomin


    After my in depth scientific research, I would answer the question “How many agents have signed up to Boomin’s signed up paid for model?”


    I would say, not many


    1. Steve_Smithson

      … could you provide the figures for comparison from OTM & Zoopla?

      1. OverratedAgent

        Yes of course!


        OnTheMarket – 412


        Zoopla – 539

  2. KC54

    I am still showing on Boomin, but not paying!


  3. ScottL

    Well done PIE for asking the question even if no straight answer was provided.Would also be good to ask about their website visits as there doesnt seem to be any articles talking about the millions and millions of views each month theyre getting so seems that Boomin arent shouting much about that either. unless they share real numbers soon no one is going to believe the spin anymore.

  4. estagent

    We refused to pay and we’ve been kept on for free using all the services as normal.

    I would never pay or recommend any estate agent to this portal.

  5. skipdale

    On my patch…194 on Rightmove…39 on Boomin. I also did not sign up after the free period, and they have taken down my main sales, but 2 of my SSTC’s are on the chain breaker section !

  6. Woodentop

    Boomin marvellous … when you’re a success you don’t want to shout out how good you really are in fear of being found out … the opposite!

  7. Woodentop

    Going by todays news of sacking staff, it looks like their old venture is about to shut down?


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