Here’s the secret of sales success – choose the right agent in the first place

Just 14% of vendors have said that dropping their asking price had been a crucial factor in the sale of their home. The new Zoopla research also found that changing agent was critical to achieving a sale in only 10% of cases.

In contrast, almost half (47%) said that picking the right agent and setting the right price at the very start was the biggest factor in achieving a sale.

The new research, involving over 3,000 respondents, shows that 72% of vendors are satisfied that they achieved a good price when selling their last home.

Surprisingly perhaps, fewer than half of vendors seem to do much shopping around for an agent: 49% speak to three or more agents before making their choice.

It looks as though Zoopla believes this will change with its recently revamped Agent Finder tool, where consumers can see a directory of estate and letting agents.

The company said that since its revamp, there has been a 62% increase in traffic to the tool, which was relaunched last month on Zoopla’s latest ‘crabvert’ on TV.

Charlie Bryant, managing director of Zoopla, said: “Nearly half of vendors believe selecting the correct estate agent and taking their advice on listing their home at the right price was the biggest factor in securing a sale on their home.

“Not only are these consumers acknowledging the insights agents have offered in these instances but also have an understanding that choosing the best estate agent and correct price at the start of their property selling process is crucial.”


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  1. GeorgeOrwell

    “Zoopla believes this will change with its recently revamped Agent Finder tool, where consumers can see a directory of estate and letting agents”

    Unsurprisingly yet another portal trying to add another “tool” that apparently “helps” agents/consumers

    The reality being it’s another way of trying to control agents

    If this is the route you are going to take Zoopla you will rapidly align yourselves with the despised Rightmove

    I am sick & tired of this farcical “friendship” theme between portal & agent. Portals? just provide online property advertsing & forget the fake products/tools!!!



  2. JonnyBanana43

    Most of the best agents aren’t even ON Zoopla.

  3. agency negotiation

    Zoopla have no idea what makes a good agent, or even the right agent.

  4. The Outsider

    I have no comments about the tool, but for a tech company they should be ashamed at the state of that bar chart.

    Its ugliness personified!

    1. PeeBee

      Actually, T O, I’d be extremely interested in your comments about the tool.

      1. The Outsider

        My view is that tools like this are built by portals to justify their annual price increase, when the reality is, if agents worked their leads properly or in this case, provided consistently great customer service (to generate positive feedback and a high net promoter score) then they wouldn’t be needed.

        But they don’t.

        So portals tell you they have built a tool and for using it, the cost of your subs is going up next year.


        Imagine how much more difficult that conversation would be for them, if they had no new offering to bribe you for your 10% bump!

  5. surrey1

    Undoubtedly true, but most people also don’t like to admit they got it wrong through greed, just that they made the right call initially, even when they didn’t!

  6. The date & time sponsored by PIE is;

    Zoopla says –Best estate agent ever!
    Use AgentFinder to browse your local agents and choose the right one for you
    –   Best Estate Agent?  You mean according to Zoopla?
    –   Browse the best of your local agents?  Whats that? Every local agent or only those that subscribe to Zoopla?
    –   Best Estate Agent or did you mean priority given to those who pay Zoopla to be featured?
    –   Find the right one for you?  Right so lets regurgitate the original Find Agents list, put those who pay at the top of the list in no      particular order and then jumble the rest of them up underneath in no particular order.
    Thanks Zoopla.
    If we applied this reasoning to the Rugby / Football / F1 / Strictly come dancing league tables to find out who is “best”, it would be about as much use as the tool who came up with this tool.


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