Group relaunches lettings after Purplebricks’ restriction elapses

Three years after the acquisition of its lettings management business by Purplebricks, Venmore Group has started up a new lettings service.

Venmore says that the agreement made between the two firms meant that The Venmore Group was unable to enter into the property management sector for a period of two years, whilst the online estate agent traded under the Venmore name.

Apparently Purplebricks is no longer able to use the Venmore name, and now that the time period has passed,  the group which owns Venmores, Bradshaw Farnham & Lea and Ball & Percival has relaunched a lettings division.

Darren Kay, the Director of TVG Lettings, said:

“It’s great to be back! Relaunching the Lettings business is an absolute pleasure and to be working again with some fantastic former colleagues is the icing on the cake.

” It has been a brilliant start and we have combined our experience with utilising the latest technology to ensure a fantastic service to our clients, new and old.”


Exclusive: Purplebricks buys high street agent’s lettings management business

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  1. Hillofwad71

    Lettings the Purple elephant in the room.
      Not a whisper about Lettings in the recent update by Vic  ,He must be still  hoping that Alexa might come up with an answer
      This despite as announced in EYE in January the restructuring of the division  after some high  profile departures.
    Rats leaving the ship
      “As part of these changes, we have also made the decision to create new leadership roles within our Lettings business, to work within Verona Frankish’s team and to support our growth strategy in this important part of our business. We are delighted to confirm that Issac Bull and Benjamin Jobbins will be moving across to Lettings, working alongside Susan Liles, in newly created Divisional Lettings Directors (DLD) positions, which will significantly boost our expertise in the field leadership team.”
    With the current inventory standing at just 277 today  and complaints littering social media .
      Too many Chiefs?    

    1. Bebhill

      Worked with Isaacs Bull for a number of years and he literally has no lettings experience or qualifications. Speaks volumes about PB recruitment/leadership policy.



  2. Bless You

    Bricks does nothing for £1200 and alot for £100. Lettings industry is a waste of time for bandits.

  3. Woodentop

    Lettings is a specialised sector, more than ever before. So much regulation and hands on. So much risk for landlords from penalty of non-compliance or bad tenants.  
    The days of no previous experience have long gone. You need to have experience and be street-wise today. Regulation continues to expand and for many a landlord beyond their capability.  
    Over 40,000 possession orders year on year. Where do they all disappear to? The next unsuspecting landlord is the answer and for them it all kicks off again! Just watch “Nightmare Tenants and Slum Landlords” for a taste of what happens in every town and city in the UK.  
    Lettings is a hands-on, technical legislation and very time consuming business.  
    Anyone telling you they can do on the cheap is conning landlords.  
    Anyone trying to manage, that is NOT local is not managing, just paper pushing!  
    Anyone telling landlords you can do it all on a super ‘IT Platform’, that eradicates hands on management agents, is a scandal.  
    Landlords need to wake up. The past experience ‘it self-runs even with a great tenant’ left the room a few years ago. Today you have to put effort in and know what you are actually doing, legal knowledge, street wise to the behaviour of rogues getting clever and helped by a biased system and organisations that many consider is now anti-landlord and all rights to tenants. For when the wheel comes off the financial and emotional penalty is severe. If you can’t fulfil the job role, you should consider a professional qualified LOCAL letting agent to manage and certainly no call centres. They must have local experience and a track record.  
    For years we have been referred cases by local authority housing enforcement, solicitors and even other lettings agents to sort out the mess some landlords have either got themselves into or allowed someone else that said they can do it for them and the situation is getting worse year on year. The list of reasons is long, the financial distress runs into £thousands (some £meggar) but the common denominator is ‘poor management’, ‘done on the cheap’, ‘lack of experience/knowledge’.  
    The UK average fee isn’t expensive at 10% of rent, considering what you should be getting, Actually its cheap, so anyone who says they can do it for less …. pay peanuts and you may end up with monkeys!

    1. Hillofwad71

      Good Post I think that says it all

    2. Metrogoose

      Being at PB for 18 months as an LLE (over 2 years ago) I can’t disagree with your comment . I’ve meet plenty of good, experienced and loyal LLE in this time however the problem lies with Head office . Most property managers are fast tracked and expected to deal with various problems and situations with limited assistance and on a few occasions LLE had involvement resolving problems/situations themselves.

      18 months seeing the good, bad and the ugly!


      Good luck Mr kay and Venmores




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