Goodlord workers go on strike over wage cuts

Agents reliant on Goodlord’s products will not face any disruptions as workers at the letting software provider go on strike from today, according to the cloud-based software provider.

Around 20 people employed in Goodlord’s London-based referencing department, which provides tenant checks for a number of agents, will undertake strike action between Monday 22 February and Friday 26 February in a row over pay, but Goodlord estimates that this number is likely to be as low as 14.

Disgruntled employees have instructed Unite, the union to act on their behalf. They say that that they are subject to ‘fire and rehire’ plans – a claim that Goodlord deny.

Goodlord’s referencing staff say that their pay would drop from £24,000 to £18,000, which is less than the London living wage of £21,157, while their maternity, holiday and sick pay would also be cut. But Goodlord believe that they should now only be required to pay UK real living wage, despite the fact that the workers are based in the capital.

Goodlord was hoping that the Unite members would drop their plans to strike and return to the negotiating table to find a solution that all parties can accept.

A statement issued by Goodlord said: “We’re saddened that the situation has reached this point and we’re also disappointed at the rumours and misinformation that have been circulating over the past few weeks. This is categorically not a “fire and rehire” plan. Instead, we offered a number of temporary workers the opportunity to take up permanent contracts; roles which bring the security of full-time employment, the UK real living wage, above statutory paid sickness and holiday leave, and access to bonuses.

“The vast majority were happy to take up this offer. The small minority who chose not to move forward with the new permanent contract offered were given several months’ notice of the changes, which included an extension to their temporary contracts so they had time to find alternative employment.

“We still hope to resolve this issue through dialogue and we’ve never walked away from any conversations. In the meantime, this involves a very small number out of our 200+ team and we have taken measures to ensure that normal customer service levels will be maintained.”


Goodlord staff poised for strike action that could disrupt services for agents


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  1. CharlieLondon01

    Interesting to hear that Goodlord has extended it’s rent protection coverage, at the same time that is it looking to cut key staff wages, and benefits and move them to the living wage

    I bet the members of staff feel valued as per their quote ‘only be required to pay UK real living wage’. I wonder if the rest of the business, and management team are also having their renumeration move to the real living wage? Or are the referencing staff not as important – they are more important to me…….

  2. SymphonyOfGreen

    This is so incredibly sad to hear – especially from a firm that’s meant to be decent! I can only imagine how much staff will feel undervalued and demotivated by their decision to cut wages by 25%.
    £18,000pa (that’s around £9/hr based on a 40hr week) is disgraceful for a company that operates out of the capital. Do the referencing team have the opportunity to be awarded bonuses and/ or commission? I’m aware there is a pandemic with many people losing jobs but austerity brought around by these decisions can be just as bad!
    I hope they buck up their ideas and award their workers the London Living Wage (which would still mean cut!) or at least think creatively, like required to only work a four-day working week instead. 

  3. Russell121

    Why don’t the company move out of London if they can’t afford to be their fancy boho address. Doesn’t seem like a sound business to me if you can’t pay the London living wage.

    1. singing agent

      Why not move to Wales.  Excellent Broadband.  Cheap offices available due to Council / Welsh Assembly cutbacks and good value houses to rent and buy.  Win – win.

      1. Woodentop

        They could all work from home. They only do paper pushing with IT.

  4. Alex27

    That’s really sad that company can’t think about their workers. I think this firm need to try some another office with lower rent. I remember days when i had the same choice. I worked with my last chemistry lessons and i understood that i have bad knowledge about it and i tried to find some help. I found this on and i was really glad that i can finish my chemistry study because of their help.


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