‘Get rich quick’ property courses come under scrutiny after suicide of attendee

A ‘get rich quick’ property guru’s offer of property wealth comes with a hefty price tag, it was reported at the weekend.

The Daily Telegraph said that students of Samuel Leeds at a free wealth seminar were told that they would receive mentoring and ‘guaranteed’ deals if they signed up for further training costing thousands of pounds.

The Telegraph’s investigation highlighted the case of army veteran Danny Butcher, who committed suicide last October after taking out a loan to pay for the further training.

The Telegraph emphasises that there is no evidence that the suicide was a result of going on the wealth seminar, but illustrates “the appeal of such courses to vulnerable people who may already be in financial difficulty”.

Telegraph writer Sam Meadows went on 13-hour ‘crash’ course’ held by Property Investors with Samuel Leeds, finding that it promoted a further course, the Deal Finding Extravaganza and a programme called the Academy.

The Telegraph also talked to attendees with concerns about the training, with one saying he took out a loan to join the Academy which said it was “pointless” and another who used his savings to pay the fees but did not secure one deal. The paper has also criticise th lack of regulation of wealth creation courses, leaving vulnerable  people expose.

The BBC’s Inside Out programme in the London area is tonight due to highlight property investment ‘training’ courses. More here

The tragic death of Danny Butcher was the subject of a column in EYE by Vanessa Warwick.

Landlords’ Barometer – #75: A property investment scandal that needs exposing



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  1. Property Pundit

    Investigation. Regulation. Prosecution. Without fail.

  2. AgencyInsider

    Snake Oil.

  3. GPL

    You do wonder tho?


    I’ll tell you how I got rich?


    ………really? It’s that easy?


    How you got richER selling courses on “How to get rich!”



  4. Industry insider

    These are get rich quick property seminars where people have their money taken from them for very, very poor advice. Reputable agents will have nothing to do with them.

    The speakers at these high pressure events should look at the many broken lives they leave behind and hang their heads in shame. Hopefully the police and fraud squad will get involved and start prosecuting where required.

  5. smile please

    Great reporting. More needs to be made of this to save vulnerable and naive people thousands.

  6. carlparker

    Too right! I’ve been on one of these courses and the guy was a greasy charlatan. Spent half the £1000 + course trying to convince everyone to get on the mentorship scheme which was 5k+ a year.

    Kept in touch with a couple of people who got suckered in and they’ve got nowhere with him.

    Happy to share who if direct messaged



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